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[Rats] My babies :) *warning, multiple pics*

Kitteh asked me to post more pics of my babies, who got me through a very difficult xmas day today :)

So, all my babies, past and present (in the order I got them) :)

Georgie (who passed away this year)

Suzie (who is 29 months now, and is getting towards saying goodbye):

Izzie (Suzie's sister, and also getting towards saying goodbye):

Kaylee (who passed away this summer from a virus):

teyla (Kaylee's sister, who just turned 2 this week):

Saffron (Saffy - this is her as a baby with a bad head tilt):

Charlie (my neutered boy, who passed away from the same virus that took Kaylee - he was a special boy from the London Dungeon exhibit and therefore somewhere between a wild and pet rat):

Ronnie (my second neutered boy and named after Cristiano Ronaldo):

Max (My latest rescue boy, spotted on gumtree and brought home by me)

Xander and Oz (brought in to be company for Max - they're all "intact" so I couldn't mix them with my girls).

A few of my Foster rats:

Juliet (my first ever rescue - she came in with a boy, so I named them Romeo and Juliet. She was pregnant at just 5 or 6 weeks, and loster the litter on her due date. It took her a year to finallly fill out at all)

The following 4 rats were fostered but never named (well if you're familiar with Star Trek I named them by the borg system - "1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc).

And a few of my other pets (all of whom passed away this year):

Frodo and Sam, my beloved gerbils:

Pip (a roborovski hamster):

Thelma and Louise (more roborovski hammies):

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Gone fishing
Lovely pictures. So sweet.

My eldest son loves his rats too.

Not sure how many he has now, but the cage is about half his bedroom and about 6 foot high:eek:

I tease him and tell him his weird, but I can't help but stop and talk to them all individually when I go into his room :D

Glad to hear they helped you over your Christmas day :cool:
aw they are gorgeous :D
would love rats but i ent got the space :(
Awwww, so cute!

You're sooooo proud of them, just like any parent would be lol!

Louale x
Thanks everyone, for your lovely comments.

Suzie (the black hooded girl in pic 2) is poorly and it looks like I will be having her pts on Monday. The hardest part about having pets.

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