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Anyone else think Goks lost the plot?

Iv seen some make overs he's done on how to look good naked, and on average i'd say 30% end up looking worse . (i once watched one were he cut a 60 year olds hair off into a 'pixie cut' and died it pink :eek: no joke.)

anyways, in fashion fix he goes up against another designer and both put together 3 looks, hers is high end designer and very expensive, his is high street and low budget (although not always i feel)

his 'traveller' look this evening is just pure shockin, she's wearing so many fabrics, textures and worse.. patterns .. she looks like she was thrown into a fabric shop. Mind you the expensive 'traveller' look is most deffinatly no better. How she can spend £650 on a pair of trousers that look like a 3yr old took a white marker to them i certainly don't know .. and since when did 'traveller' become a desired look :eek:

rant over.:p


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
I was only saying to my sister today I would love someone like Gok to give me a makeover, I am sick of wearing the same old crappy style of clothes but ain't got a clue what someone my age should be wearing!!


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only caught a bit of it (swotting up for new job), but the things I saw were ok. Maybe he's a bit hit and miss?


Alomst there :)
OMG, I watched it last night.... That American designer gets on my tits.... and those shoes she had made? Something that wouldn't look out of place on my 70 year old FIL! I do watch it for some inspiration when he talks about body shapes and stuff, I never quite know what styles to wear for my shape.

I have to admit I always thought it was just me not being into mainstream fashion (more of a goth/ punk kinda girl) but I'm glad it's not just me!!

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