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Anyone fancy a virtual party?

ooh well done...what job is it?
Brilliant news for you Katie, I am actually peed off at the mo so would love to drown my sorrows in your success with a great big pint of............................... Sparkling Water.:D
Cheers everyone - it's a post of Senior Admin Officer and I will be line managing 3 staff but they will also be managing a team of staff so it's a whole new learning curve for me as though I've been managing staff for a few years I've never managed managers ..... and there are also about 120 staff in other fields of the team - official start date is April 1st dependant on having staff to handover to.

Hubby has just come in with a gorgeous card for me - and my son who's in the RAF has just phoned to say well done :D :D :D


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well done katie!!! thats such great news- see you should have a little more faith :)
I have my interview with orange tomorrow- send me some of ur secret Job skills will ya?
well done :D
Kellie I was informed in a staff meeting that the best way to ensure you get a job is to make sure you're wearing red knickers (if you have them) --- on the day of my interview I was putting black ones on (wearing black trousers) and I got them half on when I thought 'hmmmm should I?' - took off the black ones and put on the red ones and hey I got the job! My colleagues were laughing when I told them I'd changed - and today it was agreed that red knickers must work!

:vibes: All the good luck interview vibes are definitely being sent your way xx :vibes:


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haha- i dont think I have any red knckers- ill try and dig some out :D
thanks for the tip!!!
Oh fantastic Katie!!! I just knew you were going to get it!! Even when you felt down about how the interview went, I thought "hmmmmm.....I just BET she gets it!" And I am so happy for you that you did!!! You are going to be fantastic!!! It's just another new chapter in your newly developing life!!!

Hugs and Champres all around!!!! (Well - if it is a virtual party, we CAN have virtual Champagne!! And strawberries if we are so bold!:D)

Kellie=];524316 said:
haha- i dont think I have any red knckers- ill try and dig some out :D
thanks for the tip!!!

Good luck to you Kellie!!! Let us know how it goes!!! Red knickers or not!!

(My OH so eloquently told me tonight I need to get new knickers - said mine are getting all loose and old lady like!" :rotflmao: So maybe I will get a red pair just for the heluva it! :D
Cheers <hic> one and all - still smiling LOL

Yep the knickers are the key I reckon - mine were my good shorty thick lace ones ... could have been fun if my trousers had split! ..... this thing of everyone wearing them for jobs is great until it comes to Gazz, Dave or one of the other guys! :eek::eek:

Loving the champers and strawberries --- we live the good life us lot don't we!

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