anyone here on slimming world

:) Is anyone on slimming world if so please can you tell me where to get chicken bovril. i have tried everywhere and it seems to have disappeared, if it has been discontinued what are you using instead that is syn free please. can anyone help.
hi ya - I'm doing SW and I got mine from asda :D they sell it ther and it works well in the reciepes.
Hi Whitmore and Gemma.
I am trying slimming world so far it hasnt been to bad food wise . still eating what they say but i still tend to count calories as well so its not to bad so far have lost a stone with slimming world, in the passed couple of weeks but actually put on this week 1.5lb but had a 4.5lb loss last week.
I cant seem to find the chicken bovril either I shop in ASDA to but they dont seem to have any and are not sure when they will be getting it in.
Im going to try Tesco and see if they have it. Hope you both have good weeks Im aiming to get that 1.5lb off this week if it kills me I only seem to follow the greeen days as I cant seem to lose with the red days but I was beginning to wonder if Im eating to many carbs in the pasta and rice so I cutting my portion sizes down thats why I keep a check on calories that im eating.
Ive just moved to Boston so Im still trying to find out the best places to shop but Im definately going to try Tesco for the chicken bovril as my mum swears by it she has lost 3 stone with slimming world thats why I joined but its working slowly for me but its coming off. Talk to you all soon....
I bought mine from Sainsbury's. I wouldn't bother trying Vecon (the vegetable version of Bovril, sort of like a syrup that you make into stock). It's expensive and vile (and from Holland & Barrett if you're brave enough to try it!).
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