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Hello, I’ve just joined this forum today. Started on slimming world on the 31/12/22 and I’m doing it online.
I have about 6 stone to lose and I’ve no idea how I’m going to do it or even if I can.
My weigh in day is Fridays.
I wanted to get healthier for my job and also for my children. They are my biggest motivator.
Anyway I hope I’ve posted in the right forum, if not please could someone kindly direct me to the right place?
Thank you
Hi, welcome!
Good luck with SlimmingWorld, I have done that plan a few times over the years and had success with it ( just didn’t keep it up when I got where I needed to be 🙄)
It’s a good plan if you follow it religiously.
I am going to be calorie counting again shortly ( had success with that in the past too lol)
I also have a few stone to lose about 5 …
Look forward to see how you get on 👍😊