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Anyone started in September?

I am on Day 3 and feeling quite low but reading all your advice really has cheered me up! Also seeing the recipes has been great!
The past few days have been so bizarre - feel like I'm not really here and floating a little. Haven't had real physical pangs that much but the emotional hunger has been severe especially today.
I am quite upset that I won't be able to drink at my engagement party on Saturday but know its for the best and am keeping my goals in sight - it will all be worth it! Plus will save a lot of money by not going out all the time!
H2B is being great by eating only food I can't stand like fish and mushrooms and also not drinking alcohol either - bless him!
Am off to make a rasberry mousse now!
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:girlpower:Hi Mrs BB2B

I am off to m first class tonight so not too far behind you. Hope I am going to be able to do this - am feeling a bit nervous as like you said it is the emotional ties that will be hard to break - I am hoping that if I can just get this first week under my (very tight) belt I will be okay.
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Hi Mrs BB2B,

Hope you enjoy your mousse. I like the strawberry, vanilla and banana made into mousses with fizzy water.

Joining LL is the best thing you could do, I was amazed how it only took a couple of weeks to feel loads better and now the journey seems to have whizzed by.

And welcome to Minis, its a great place to be.

Hi Louie,
Don't be nervous - they will show you a DVD that explains pretty much all you need to know - your counsellor is there for any other questions. You will be absolutely fine just believe in yourself and set your goals - I know it sounds really silly but you need to visualise them. I visualise me in my wedding dress and it totally works!! you can totally do this - there is absolutely no doubt about that whatsoever - keep me updated!

Hi Claire thanks for your words of wisdom - they really help! Will be checking on here every day for advice and support as its really the boredom at work that gets to me and makes me want to eat.

Hurrah for us - we are great! :)
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Welcome Mrs BB2B and louie22,

I restarted LL Monday gone having been AWOL for just over a month. Does that count?:D

LL is so worth doing, today I am back to my pre AWOL weight which is 4 stone lighter than I was at beginning of April. Determined to keep SSing now for another 100 days to get to goal so feel like I'm starting all over again with loads of enthusiasm!

The first week is the worst and you can't imagine end of foundation, but stick to the programme, learn as much as you can by making the most of the green foundation book / counselling and all your weekly goodies (dvd's / exercise ball / pedometer etc) and the weight will fall off permanently.

My 100 days flew by and it was amazing the buzz you can get from being so much in control around food that you can watch other people eat right in front of you!!! Looking forward to hearing about your first weeks losses.
Hello Mrs BB2B,

I too started on Monday. First 2 days were OK but have been struggling a little today. i feel safe when I am at home but when I have to venture out the smells from various evil dens of food really get to me. Have had three packs already today so only have one to go. Have drank 5 litres of water so far.

Good luck to you. I will watch your progress. We CAN do this.



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YES YOU NEWBIES CAN!, Well done xxxxxxxx
Feeling a lot better today! Yesterday was horrible and was so thoroughly miserable :cry: H2B was amazing again and really made me feel so much better - was really craving food but he stopped me reaching for toast to go with my evening soup!:) Don't think I could do this alone...

Today is great though and feel very energetic and full! Planning for my enagement party tomorrow night so off to Confetti now to get decorations - so excited and its really keeping my mind of food. Think its really important to keep busy and have stuff on your mind to think about.

First pop-in tomorrow morning then first week weigh-in on Monday - really excited!

Hope everyone has had a good week and will have a wonderful weekend!
Chat Monday
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Had my Day 5 pop in on Saturday and had lost an incredible 6lbs!!! Was so happy!!! Had bought a dress for my engagement party three weekes agao but had to spend Saturday trying to find a smaller size as it was just too big! Spent my whole party drinking sparkling water and didn't touch a drop of alcohol - everyone was so surprised as I am usually the party girl :) I wasn't even tempted and really enjoyes chatting to everyone and remembering the whole night.

Week 1 weigh-in was yesterday and lost a further 2lbs!

Week 2 is definately easier - so just to say to those struggling in Week 1 - It does get better!

How is everyone else getting on?
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MrsBB2B well done on sticking to the plan at your party, and it's great to hear that you had such a good night.

Brilliant news about the dress being too big for you ---- only thing is that your new one will be too big for you soon too!