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anyone starting today?

Best of luck with it, and let us know how you get on
Stick with it !! I have been doing harcombe for few weeks now and have repeated phase 1 3 times. Each time I have had a cracking headache,but it does pass. Just finished my 3rd stint and the headache was definately less this time.
Once you get into it it's a great diet, i love the fact that there is no weighing or measuring or counting AT ALL !! so liberating !!
How much have u lost so far mommie. In the book it says u can repeat phase one as often as u like if u have a lot to lose. I do agree it is very liberating. Just got to get past the cravings bit and i will b home and dry a long as i don't cheat too soon
i repeated phase 1 this week cos i went off the rails a bit last week and wanted to get back under control. I have repeated it a couple of times just to try and keep me balanced IYKWIM .plus I actually like the fact that you can have your brown rice with anything,last night I had cjicken curry and rice which I couldnt have together on phase 2 so i tend to swap between the 2 depending on what I fancy to eat this week. Always make sure I am back on phase 2 by the weekend tho so I can have my wine on a saturday night:D
After doing phase one and getting cavings under control, won't the cravings come back when you start eating carbs and caffiene ect again in phase 2? I am a bit confused as to the reason for no caffeine, dairy and alcahol for 5 days but then you are allowed.
strictly speaking you shouldnt have caffiene on phase 2, and if you stick to unprocessed carbs any cravings should stay under control-eaten without fat of course ,and dont forget to leave 3.5 to 4 hours between a carb meal/snack and a fat meal/snack so they dont interfere with each other
5 days accoding to the book is just long enough to kill candida overgrowth ( sounds gross) or break any food intolerances. Then you should reintroduce things slowly to monitor for any reactions.

Hope this makes sense
Always make sure I am back on phase 2 by the weekend tho so I can have my wine on a saturday night:D
Lol - I am going to miss my red wine tonight too! I have volunteered to drive to remove temptation! I will definitely be treating myself to a glass after work on Wednesday though ;).

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