Lipotrim now newweigh??


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Hi all,

Lipo trim was the only diet that I lost significant weight on...after a few years I put the weight back on...but now it's discontinued... so I have just found out today that's there's a replacement for it... totally same set up ..with weekly visits to our chemist... its called new anyone using this program now in stead of lipotrim?
Replying to my own post , I don't think this is active anymore?... so new weigh has been about for a while ...I have googled lipotrim lots of times over the years and only just now came across new weigh..... so I'm starting this sat... is anyone else doing this these days?
Hello. I used Lipotrim successfully in the past, but due to my own bad habits I undid all my own work. No-one but myself to blame. I was dismayed to find Lipotrim had gone out of business. I have bought shakes from 'Shake that Weight' and due to start today. You have to drink 4 StW shakes a day instead of 3 on Lipotrim. There are quite a few companies like StW online and their products are so similar in terms of nutritional content that I highly suspect there is a single source supplying the various companies. However, the nutrition content of these shakes are higher in calories than Lipotrim, and even worse, far too high in carbs. You have to compare the flavours and find the lowest carb content in order to try to bring the day's carbs in at below 50g (and that's if you make them up with water, not their recommended milk!). Fifty grams of carbs a day is considered the absolute max to enter and stay in ketosis and some people need it to be even lower. I recall on Lipotrim, the 3 shakes gave a total 45g carbs a day. Even with careful selection of flavours of StW shakes, I'm going to be making them up with water rather than their suggested skimmed milk, or I can't see how ketosis is achievable. I have no idea why they formulated their products that way. It makes no sense to risk customers not achieving or maintaining ketosis, feeling hungry and miserable, and losing weight more slowly.

Regarding 'New Weigh', yes I spotted their website. It's carefully worded to suggest it's the same product as Lipotrim, but if you read it carefully, it doesn't actually state that. I was put off by their 'secret squirrel' tone and lack of frank information about their products' contents. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it turned out to be the same sort of stuff as StW and all the others (i.e. carbs and calories higher than Lipotrim) I'm also not interested in their 'counselling' sessions, though I might change my mind about that and grin and bear it if their products are genuinely like Lipotrim.

If you decide to go with NW could you let me know? I'd be interested to find out of their shakes are more keto-friendly than StW et al. 😊