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Anyone starting tomorrow?


this time - the last time
I'm starting tomorrow!

Wanna be my buddy?

I warn you.....I may need a lot of attention in the next couple of days! Hehe!
Good luck to you both, I started yesterday!. Your lucky to have a buddy. I'd love to be able to access this site at work but its blocked so only get a couple of hours to browse in the eve.... hardly enough time to give the support that we all require sadly :(

Just reading posts can be very inspirational and uplifting to keep us on track tho :)
I'm starting tomorrow too! Can I join with you? I am also on antibiotics but hopefully all will be okay. I lost 3 1/2 stone nearly 5 years ago and have recently put on nearly 2 back.
Can I join you as I'm starting tomorrow as well. I lost 4 stone 2 years ago on this Diet, but have put on about 3 stone since then. I need to update all my stats.

Best of luck x


this time - the last time
Hello Littlelizzy! I am half scared half excited about tomorrow.

Fingers crossed I'll wake up more excited!

Good luck! Let us know how you are getting on!
Hi Jayellekay,

I know what you mean about being excited but nervous, I'm currently enjoying my last glass of wine, then tomorrow is D day or should that be CD day! Anyway best of luck for tomorrow, I'll be at work so will catch up with everyone once I get back
I`m also starting tomorrow, Good luck to us all x


this time - the last time
I'm looking forward to breakfast....chocolate tetra when I get to the office.
Almost finished my first bottle of water on my commute. Just 5more to drink today!

Keep us up to date with how you are getting on!
Hi, Just had 75cl of water. Like the idea of waiting to get to work to have first tetra - something to look forward to....
I have a fairly big day at work today so will be keeping breath freshener to hand.
Good luck all.


this time - the last time
Hungry, hungry, hungry.......
I'm hungry too, trying hard not to think of food. Home from work now and the temptation is even worse. I MUST NOT EAT.

How is everyone else doing?
I`m doing ok so far, But I wish my tummy would shut up lmfao

It sounds like theres an earthquake going on in there haha

Off to work (again) now! Hope u all have a good evening x


this time - the last time
Doing ok.
LOVED lunch (banana tetra).
Really hungry - so looking forward to dinner when I get home.
Day one has actually been better than expected. 3litres of water done. Aiming for another half on the train home (bottle in hand as I write!) And a final half with dinner/before bed.
Guessing next couple of days might get tricker, so need to keep the motivation levels high!
Hi all.
Daytime was okay. Drank a cup of black decaff earl grey and 4 x 75cl water bottles so far as well as 2 of my 3 tetras. Feeling hungry now and fed up. Need to keep strong...
Hows everyone doing today? I'm still struggling but have stuck with it. Hope you are all doing ok.