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Are slow losses normal on Slimming World

I only ask because my losses have been ver lack-luster compared to other diets. I don't mind TOO much because I am eating alot better compared to other diets but was just wondering if they're slow for everyone? Or am I a freak lmao?
how long have you been on the plan and how much have you lost?
What have your losses been? 1-2lb per week is a good loss.
What diets are you comparing to? Everyone is different, some people have massive losses on SW and some people don't. If you're still losing and enjoying the diet then don't worry about it! X


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i've averaged out at less than 1lb a week since i began, i look at it as a healthy sustainable loss as opposed to a slow one. and its going in the right direction too so its all good :)
What have your losses been? 1-2lb per week is a good loss.
What diets are you comparing to? Everyone is different, some people have massive losses on SW and some people don't. If you're still losing and enjoying the diet then don't worry about it! X
The usuals Atkins, F plan, gillian Mckieth etc.
5lb in two weeks, I know that's not awful but I have NEVER lost less than 5lb on the first week and 7lb by the second week on any other diet. So...
5lb over 2 weeks is good, other diets may mean you lose more, but they are not a healthy eating plan for life. SW say you should lose 1 to 2 lbs a week, and by changing previous bad habits you are more likely to make better choices in the future and keep the losses off.
First week weight loss is usually water loss and bowels emptying, so try not to worry too much about that. Slimming world encourages you to eat good meals and plenty of good food. Its pretty much non restrictive. So when you get to target you'll already be eating normally and won't pile the weight back on.

Other diets tend to restrict you. And when those diets finish the weight usually piles back on.

It can make the SW journey longer, but its more effective longterm. One to two pounds a week is the best to lose as it helps prevent saggy skin, ensures you are getting plenty if nutrients and will keep weight off longterm.
i loose on average 1 to 1.5lbs a week.


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I think everyone above has already said it all, youre seeing consistent losses which is good. The other diets youre comparing your losses too are drastic ones that cannot be maintained long term. Sw is a long term plan for life which can be maintained longer. Besides you are actually allowed to eat on it, proper food too, not just lettuce all the time (unless you want too!!)
I've found my weight loss is slower than other diets I've tried, but SW pays off as it's far easier to stick with it over the long term.
SW is more a lifestyle change than a diet, yes the aim is to lose weight but you do it so you remain healthy. Those other diets aren't concerned about your health, they want big numbers for goo publicity, but they don't work of you have a lot of weight to lose, restricting your diet of the vitamins your body needs is dangerous, so if you just want to lose a stone in 2 weeks great, but otherwise SW is better. 1-2 pound a week is what is recommended by consultants as well as doctors, it's the best way to lose weight as well as keep it off, nothing more disheartening than piling the pounds back on x
i have in the past been a real crash dieter .. i did one once were i literally didnt eat a thing all day until about 8pm and then ate a low fat ready meal.. i lost weight pretty quickly on that..but put it all back on the minute i looked at proper food again..
i would say im a slow looser on this but i just think as long as i am losing somthing thats better than nothing and if i stick to it i will get to my target in the end without starving myself and leaving myself with no energy..
Oh hun, thats a really good weight loss! Mine is what you could call slow... I've lost 5.5lbs in 5 weeks! Everyones different but I think like others have pointed out, sw is a long term plan- so if your losses are a little slower, it just means you have more chance of keeping it off! (thats what I tell myself anyway haha).
Well done, you've done great up to now :)
I agree, I've lost weight slower on SW than other diets but the fact that I'm losing weight and don't actually feel like I'm on a diet is brilliant! And this is definitely for the long term. I'm usually beginning to get less motivated or bored with other diets by now but this really doesn't feel like I'm on one. I also put on far less weight on holiday this year than I usually would and lost it again in just 2 weeks. For me SW is definitely the way to go for long term loss :)
I've lost about 11.5 lbs in 17 weeks. Admittedly, I've been on holiday and had a 7lb gain (eeeeek) which is slowly coming off but my only other option is pro points and I'll have to be really desperate to do that one again. I'm never hungry, quite the opposite in fact and I'm eating really nice, fresh food and lots of it. Slow? Yes. Sustainable long term? Absolutely.
Were you on another duet before starting SW? Because if you were, you've probably skipped the (sometimes) big first week loss. Gillian Mckeiths dramatic loss 1st week is mostly poo weight lol.

Seriously though, nutritionists say that diets that routinely cause over 2lbs per week losses, at least half that weight will be muscle mass. Meaning that if you put on weight again after losses, you'll gain back fat in place of the muscle and look in worse shape than when you started out! I had that happen to me. I'm same weight I was now before I did a crash diet, but I definitely look podgier. Slimming world all the way for me baby!

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