ARRGGHHH!!!! blender just broke!!!!!!!!!


I have a lovely Kenwood blender..I have had it yrs! It has the usual food processor bit at the bottom and then the blender bit on the top, well i have been using it loads to make my milkshakes for the past 4 months and just recently started putting it in the dishwasher..once a week just to give it a better clean!

Well i think thats my downfall...noticed it started to have little cracks in it...was just starting to make my shake this am, put the ice in, turned it on and hey presto a big lump of plastic flew off the side of it!!

Just counting myself lucky I didnt get mortally wounded by flying plastic or ice!!!LOL:eek: also counting my blessings that it was full on banana would have gone everywhere!!!!!!:eek:

I just know if I get in contact with Kenwood ..they will have either stopped making this variety or it will cost me twice as much to replace the blender bit as it will to buy a new one from asda/argos!

So I am just about to drag the kids down to asda to see if I can get a new one!

On the plus side..CD is going fab:) ...after my 11 lb loss last tuesday(when I was outta ketosis cos I had lime and soda the day before) I ate:confused: ..we had a nice meal and then I had a little treat which was a bit daft..but there we go! I got straight back to it and have been fine since, so looking for a 3lb loss this week to get me to a stone in 2 weeks!! but if not then well I can't complain...11lbs loss is keeping me on the staright and narrow!:)

I am off to my mums next weekend and I am going to take some of my winter type tops to her so she can take them all in. I wore one yesterday and I felt like I was preg!! Dont really want to go and buy new stuff good old mum is gonna do some magic on them!:p

Anyway off to asda...catch you all later!

Lou X
New blender!!

Hi and thanks for that Kam.

I really just wanted a basic blender no frills or attachments!!

Anyway dragged the boys off to Tesco in the end and got a really nice should be fine for putting ice cubes in!! and the good thing was it was only 14.99!

i do have one of those braun hand blenders but it just wouldnt chop the ice this morning and when i have milk shake it has to be ice a warmish shake just didnt cut the biscuit this AM!:confused:

anyway off for a black coffee oh and another water!!!lol

Lou X
The glass ones are fab!! I got one from asda so it's probably the same kind of thing. I love mine it's cheap and cheerful but does a great job!

Glad the CD is going well - hope you lose that 3 lbs this week. :)
Hi Lou,
Glad you got sorted nothing worse than a shake thats warm! YUK! The Genie is fab on breaking up the ice unlike my smoothie maker which is rubbish and too hard to clean. In fact the blasted thing has started to go mouldy were you can't clean it so I'm going to take it back and complain....not very hygenic.
Kamilla x