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If you have any question you need answering re: syns, free food, original, green days etc etc

Ive just posted the following on another thread when someone had a question about Syns and Muller Light.....

Muller Lights are 'free' so you can eat one or two a day...dont go mad though as they are classed as 'free syns'. apparently they have enough free food in them to be classed as free....the fruit flavouring in them should be syns but are cancelled out by the larger content of V.low fat yogurt.
therefore theyre not on the free food list, but they have no syns!!! so i would expect that eating more than 2 a day would not help weight loss due to the calorie content. Sometimes if we know something is 'free' we eat more of it knowing 'its allowed'. sometimes we forget that even free food has calories and fat that all adds up.
sorry if ive confused you but this is the best way i can explain it!!!!!
the muller lights with cake pieces etc range from about 1/2 to 1 syn i think. Have a look at syns online on the SW website.

hope youre not completely braindead now!

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