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Morning all, I'm Tipperary and have been here for many years but been absent for about a year now, maybe even longer. I have been popping in and out but not been committed to the process really. Well that has changed and I'm turning things around.
Approach is keto and am following the guidelines of a nutritionist, not personal to me but her general approach and guidelines. I have done some of her short online courses and have the skills and knowledge to try and do this. And my husband is joining me😂. He had a light bulb moment a few weeks ago and decided we both need to tackle our weight and health. I showed him one of the short presentations and that was it, he was sold. Of course now he has gone and done all the research and is a self declared expert in keto and keeps mansplaning it to me. If it gets him doing it I don't care.
So as well as my diet I am tackling my whole approach to life, I'm am reading Dr Tara Swarts book The Source and am manifesting a new me. I have created a vision board, I have actually done it as a PowerPoint presentation, and look at it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It really triggers your approach to things each day and I actively look for opportunities for personal development and improvement.
I've changed jobs, this was part of my improvement plan😃, I got a promotion and will actually change again in about 2 months to a promoted and permanent position. The change has done me good,I was getting dragged down where I was. I'm dressing differently and am more groomed and better presented. I like myself more.😊
I have a blood and ketone monitor and can check each day if I reach ketosis, with the new job I am still playing with best eating windows to fit in with work schedule. But definitely my blood glucose levels are hugely improved on where they were, I was definitely heading for type two diabetes.
At 55 menopause finally found me and I have spent 12 weeks dripping wet with sweat 💦😅. So am tackling that too, am taking a course of vitamins and supplements. And I have seem some improvement so will see how that goes. I've signed up to attend a menopause cafe talk with very prominent doctor soon and hope for some guidance there.
I bought a lovely journal with lots of space for daily, weekly and monthly entries and it's great for keeping me accountable.
I food prep each Sunday for the week, my first and main meal of the day is between 12 and 2 depending on where I am, the later the better for me but that doesn't fit with my work schedule. I have a small meal in the evening after work, last night it was just some cheese and ham. This gives me good intermittent fasting, usually over 18 hours each day and more at the weekend when I probably only eat one meal a day.
I had a problem with my shoulder and was in pain and couldn't go swimming (those of you who know me know I love swimming). So went to a physio who couldn't sort it, got him to refer me for an MRI and voila, discovered the problem, found a consultant, had minor surgery last week and am now pain free. I am to test it in the pool this weekend.
At the beginning of the year I was 84.6kg, mid Feb when I started in earnest I was 83.5kg and today 4 weeks in I am 79kg. And I can feel the change, this week my BMI dropped below 35😁
A long way to go but I feel focussed and positive.
I've updated my stats and my ticker should reactivate overnight. You can find me in the WeMitts section and will link my diary here. Please chat and encourage 🙏, support is so vital for us all.
I'm off out now for a walk with the dog and will brows through your diaries when I get back.

Happy St Patrick's Day all💚☘️🇨🇮