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At Uni - Need Support


I feel so stuck in a rut at the moment. I keep trying to lose some weight but then will give up at the drop of a hat (even not making it passed the first day). There is so much going on as a student and I am always reaching for something quick, or giving in to my temptations.

Is there anyone else who is at uni that maybe we could support each other? I am thinking perhaps I should batch cook at weekends so that I can have 'ready meals' and just be able to eat quickly before going out.

Also, I don't find healthy food particularly filling/satisfying. The other night I made pasta and ate it, 90mins later I went to my bfs house and he asked if I'd eaten and I said no.. and happily scoffed half a pizza, wedges and garlic bread.

I just feel really stuck at the moment and need the kick to get me started and into a routine :sigh:
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Nojo on the YoYo
Oh girlie! The first thing I'd say is get yourself to the recipes section of this site. You will find lots and lots and lots of lovely recipes to make and you won't ever feel hungry if you stick to it and embrace the Free Food.

When you want a chocolate bar, reach for a banana. When you want crisps, get some SW chips or potato wedges on the go. When you want a big roast dinner or a fryup or a burger, HAVE one!!! Just follow the SW method of cooking and you won't go wrong.

Another big thing I would say is: buy the Slimming World magazine. Buy it, read it from cover to cover and get some inspiration. You will really feel invested in it after reading the magazine and doing some planning, I promise.

It won't always be easy, fried chicken, pizza, chocolate, boozing, it will all catch you out from time to time. Just try and make your choices healthy ones and you will do well. Also, because of your age, you might find that you lose weight quicker than some older members do.

I went to the Woman of the Year event with a girl from my class who was nominated and looked gorgeous, and there was a girl there who was a student and had lost 7 stone 2 lbs in 7 months. She carried Pasta n Sauce around with her in her bag for 'are you hungry/have you eaten?' moments at friends' houses, she changed her tipple of choice to vodka and diet coke, she bought mini chocolate bars and carried Alpen Lights around with her.

She said it gave her an excuse to buy this great big handbag she wanted for ages, and because she shelled out on it for SW reasons, she vowed to make it worth the money.

She is tall, blonde, slim and drop dead gorgeous. And only 19. A total inspiration. You can do it too babe, you really can! xx
Hey hun,

I totally get you, and i can so appriciate how difficult it is. When i first started sw, a few months in i began training to be a hairdresser, as with the long hours and everything at times i struggled, esp when everyone else was grabbing whatever they wanted to keep themselves going.

but if you were hungry after 90 mins, why didnt you make more pasta? or do twice as much in the first place? and what did you have with your pasta? cause plain pasta or pasta and cheese is just booooorring!

it doesnt have to be majorly expensive or boring to do this eating plan, and once you get the hang of it, youl feel the same, promise!

when im stuck for ideas, i go to the section in the supermarket where they stock all the shwartz packets, because theres always one i havnt tried, or it gives me ideas! and if your only cooking for yourself, you'l get atleast another 2-3 meals out for yourself, and most you can freeze too.

batch cooking is deffinatly the way forward, but if your finding 'healthy' food boring, im gunna take a risk and say its because your taste buds havn't had a chance to taste, real home cooked good stuff. Its so used to pizzas etc, and because you know you like that stuff, its easy to turn to it when you hit a rough patch. you need to give it a chance, expierment with new taste and textures, and soon enough you'l be craving that new pasta recipe you tried in the mag or made yourself rather than spending all that money on take away?

- i mean, a ready to make pizza base from tescos for 10.5 syns, topped with passata (free) peppers, onions.. mixed meats (all free) and topped with 42g mozzerla cheese (HEA) and loads of really cripsy wedges (free) - will cost half of what that pizza and sides would have cost you, and at far less syns. and youv crammed some free foods in there too.

You can do this, you just need to sit down, write down what things you do like, meals you enjoy etc and find the sw versions.. now dont get me wrong, looking at the website all the meals are made 100% from scratch with some herbs and spices iv never heard of, and i think bollox to that, off to morrisons to get the shwartz packet version for 6 syns per pack, but i enjoy it, it makes me more portions for later or for tomorrow.. and i can make it how i like it. Give yourself a break, and remember your allowed treats.. but its all about planning ahead.. and believing in yourself.



I want to be fitter again
When I go to Uni which is only one day a week, I always have alpen bars, grapes, plums, and ryvita minis in my bag togther with a cold pasta salad/ cold wedges. I tend to write my food down during the day and if I have had too many alpen bars for a healthy extra b or had more hexbs by having the ryvita minis, I just syn them before I have my evening meal so I know what i have got left syn wise. the thing is you need to plan in advance. I like to be prepared with something filling, something crunchy and dry and something sweet.x
Thanks everyone, you have given great advice about planning ahead. That is where I always fall down - I need to start making dinner before I'm so hungry I have pizza/noodles.

On that note, does anyone know how many syns are in Asda SmartPrice curry noodles (the 9p ones heh!)?

Also, I've just bought some 'purple cap' 1% milk, it's supposed to be half way between semi skimmed and skimmed. Does anyone know if anything officially has been said with regards to HEA?

I'm actually quite excited now :)


Nojo on the YoYo
Hey hun, you count the purple milk as semi, so 250ml as HEa

Asda Smartprice, Curry Instant Noodles, made up as directed, dried 100g cooked[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
Original 6 Syns [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[/FONT] Green 2 Syns

If you are [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]having an Extra Easy day, choose the lower [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Syn value [/FONT]


Want to do it this time!!
Hey JemmaBe,
I'm in uni at the mo in my last year! :sigh: I so know what you mean!! I go to the university of Westminster in London just off Baker Street and.... THAT STREET HAS NOTHING BUT RESTAURANTS ON IT!!!! :eek: It's so hard when all your mates are saying "lets go to Nando's, Pizza Hut, Mc Deez, etc. All I can say is come prepared!! I have Nando's quite a bit now as long as I'm doing a red day but when I'm at uni until 9pm its hard to stop myself strolling down to KFC!! :cry:
Good luck hun, let us know how its going. ;)

Scouzer. X
Thank you for all your great words and support on here! I have just signed up for the online membership, I hate being dependent on others for syn values, HEs etc (although it is incredibly helpful that you are able to help us, don't get me wrong). Student section hasn't been updated in 9months since I last joined, very frustrating.


Wishing and hoping!
i am at uni and can emphasis. Patsa meals are quick and some are free and small syn add with veg sorted. stewing steak frozen vef and mash takes 5 mins prepare sorted. when I am at uni I dont eat friut it drops my blood sugar to fast and then prone to eat crap!
look or go bars and french fries also there is a jacket potatoe place no butter salad and beans :)
p.s also on my busy days I do ee just keeps me in on the diet rather then added stress!

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