August 26th Newcastle upon Tyne VFBC


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Everyone welcome to this much-awaited gathering of like-minded souls!

If you're SSing or maintaining or somewhere inbetween - meet with us at the Pitcher and Piano, the Quayside at 1pm on Bank Holiday Saturday for a Vodka Frenzy Bootcamp! :)

Hi Isobel,

I would love to go, but at the moment it does not look like it:confused: But I will leave it open as it could be a last minute thing...if that is okay with you?

Love Mini xxx
I am so so looking forward to August and meeting new friends and old!

Mini...if you turned up at the last minute it would be the icing on the cake!!!....No pressure then..;) :D
Hi all VFBCers - afraid i'm going to have to bow out of this one, numerous reasons i won't bore you with but i have cancelled my flight now.....hope you all have a fabby brill time!

Hels x
So .. who is gonna be there then? :D

Sign here ...

off the top of my head

Sharon aka Summerskye
Lacey aka Isis
Kitteh aka Cat
Sarah aka Westiegirl

Sharon - can you do me a favour?? I CANNOT find the thread on DH - just can't nagivate my way round the damn place at all now - so could you have a look and see who else put their name down for the August one?? I seem to remember Maisie wanted to come.......not sure if she's on here yet or not, but if you could steer her in the right direction and/or give her my mobile number, it would be great! Thanks doll!
Lacey aka Isis
Bondgirl aka Zoe
Mandy b2 aka Mandy
Irene H
Summerskye aka Sharon
Mini plus hubby?????
Westiegirl aka Sarah
Loopy aka Amanda
Kitteh AKA Cat
Hecate aka Rachel

This is the list I've got so far.....if anyone sees Maisie, Kathryn, Lovies or Hecate on DH, please can you get them to contact me at [email protected] so that I can give them my mobile number so that we can arrange for us all to meet up, if they're coming on Friday.
Cheers, guys!
......and I'm counting!!!!!!! Wey hay!!!!!!
I'm considering taking out a full page ad in the local paper the night before!!!!!.....You don't know what you're missing babe.....:eek: ;)