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  1. dizzydolly

    dizzydolly Member

    Been off and on here a few years , sometimes losing a good amount of weight and sometimes just playing at it , i can lose weight quite easily once im in the mood but really struggle to keep it off .

    my daughter is getting married on sept 7th and id really like to lose around 3.5st , some people carry extra weight well but it really saps my confidence and there will be no getting away with hiding in the photos on this occasion , ive bought a couple of beautifull dresses and have them on display as inspiration .

    ive always been a calorie counter so thats what im sticking with , ive been really greedy the last few months so my tummy is in for a shock lol .

    i love coming on here to see how youre all doing and to see your fab before and after pics .
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  3. crispy

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    Hi there. Welcome back Nothing like weddings to bring out the fear in us lol Im a bridesmaid in a few months and Im dreading all the photos so In hoping to lose a few stone too. Ive zero confidence because of my weight so I understand how your feeling. You have plenty of time to lose the weight if the weddings not til September. Best of luck with it all Let me know how your getting on Im sure youll do brilliant :)

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