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Extra Easy Back to basics!

I've had yet another crap week :cry:

I've been to the gym and started the week great but then the syns crept in and the OH doesn't help!!

I'm a night worker and i find it hard when i'm having a brew just before i leave for work not to eat anything, i try to have 2 pink & whites as they are big with little syns...but still!
I also find it hard when i get in from work.....OH is in bed and I try not to wake him till 7 which means im downstairs thinking about food!!! I end up thinking i'll just have a bag of crisps or anything else thats there......then i go to bed and wake up thinking why did i eat that and start my day being good again.....its a vicous circle :(

So this week im emptying the kitchen of all my treats as such so there's nothing i can eat without making, hopefully that will help.

I also need to make an effort with planning ahead, i dont tend to do this i just get meatout of the freezer when i get in from work and work out what i want for tea when i get up.

My wedding is 17 weeks away i need and want to lose the LBS!!
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you can do it, have you got a slow cooker you can just put some meat and veg in beforehand? or even pasta and sauces with some frozen veg stirred in. i think planning is the key, it is for me too. good luck, you'll get there. just need to find the balance and routine and it takes a bit of time :)
hi hun. i work nights too, i use the slow cooker all the time! i do red days mainly and save a he b to take to work like a hifi bar and lots of fruit or crab sticks! lots of water and diet coke too!x
I end up thinking i'll just have a bag of crisps or anything else thats there

Hi hun, what about getting some fruit pre-prepared for when you get in and just want to grab something, or instead of crisps reach for a yogurt or a HiFi bar?? xx
Why can't you have anything to eat before you go to work and when you get in? Or even while you are at work? I think planning is a good idea. you could then plan some tasty syn free stuff that will satisfy you and not make you feel bad.
What about some soup before you go to work? Or with that cuppa have a couple of low syn biscuits I learnt from someone on here that rich tea fingers were only a syn each which made me look what other biscuits are low syn and I was quite surprised there are a couple and I might treat myself to a couple later with a coffee!

What about putting some magic porridge in the fridge for when you get in in the a.m or boiled eggs etc? There are lots of options you could try don't make yourself miserable hun :)
hi, did nightshift for a while and know how hard it can be, good luck:D
Thanks for your advice girls.......

I always have boiled eggs on ryvita for breakfast as i need the fibre for my diet.
I sometimes can't afford the *syns* as i have already used them up, sometimes i can though.
I use most of my syns in sauce's or oil so am barely able to save them.
I can eat before work but its not long after my tea so i dont need it i just want it, its a habit i need to break.
At work I take and apple, pear, orange and mullerlight, if i eat more fruit it bungs me up and i get bad stomach ache :( Fruit sends me the wrong way.

I do have a slow cooker but its only a 1 person one so not quite big enough for 2 of us, think i will get it out though and just make food for me for a fresh start...he'll be okay to look after himself wont he ;)

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