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:sigh: I was doing well, I was doing Wii Fit and being careful what I eat, not following a diet as such more healthy eating, cutting out junk really.
Then I got the flu, then a chest infection and was ill for about 3 weeks.
I started eating everything I could get my hands on when I was ill, and lots of it. :eek:
But I carried on eating like this even now I am better, and can't seem to find any willpower to stop.
I am now 12 stone 2 pounds, back to where I started plus extra pounds.
My jeans are tight, I refuse to buy the next size up, I am still in a size 14 but it is tight. :cry:
I can't believe I have stuffed myself silly after all the hard work losing some weight, and knowing that my thyroid makes it hard to lose weight anyway, yet I still keep stuffing my (fat) face.
Back to the drawing board, I think.
So fed up now, I really just want to eat some crisps and stuff, but I know that's just comfort eating and will make me even bigger.
I can't get myself out of this eating frenzy, any ideas please?
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oh chic dont despair :hug99:join my club lol...i am the wrong side of 12st now too :wave_cry:

it does take longer to loose than it does to gain...i am with you on that one :break_diet:

i know i can do nothing now till after christmas, as i am such a party animal :8855:(i just love drinking and eating really!!!) its damage limitation for me!!! trying to maintain till after xmas :26:...everyone is motivated in the new year :happy036:


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You just need to relax - losing weight is not hard! Why would you think has nature created a person - to be fat and keep worrying about it? Definitely not!

Get on the right path - start seeing yourself slim, and you will get there!

You do not need any special money wasters to lose weight. All you need is a good metabolism! And to improve it, here is what`s necessary:

- you have to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. The more, the better. This keeps your metabolism "busy", flushes out toxins and keeps cleaning the body.

- you have to eat regularly and more than 3 or 4 times a day. 5-6 meals a day will do miracles. How? they will improve metabolism. You have to keep it "busy" all the time. The best thing is, when your metabolism is right, you can have those bad days full of fast foods and thousands of calories - guess what? your metabolism will make sure none of these calories and fats gets into your body!

- you have to eat breakfast - and anything that has much calories, must be eaten in the morning instead of the evening.

There are more things you need to turn your body into a weight loss machine, but these are the basics.

Just let me know if you need a hand, if you would like to start this kind of weight loss. I know it works, and the best part is you stop wasting time an money on things that do not work. ;)