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bad breath



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Poor you:hug99:

Promise, it does get much easier!

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and use listerine or Oraldene.

Tomorrow you should be in ketosis and hopefully you will have a feeling of well being.

Love Mini xxx
Drinking water, water and more water does make it better, I promise. I feel like a sunken ship at the moment with all the water I have on board! You will feel more positive soon. Brushing your teeth and using Listerine definitely helps (my teeth are the cleanest they have ever been!) and I find this also stops me feeling hungry - you don't want to eat after brushing you teeth! ;)
You can also use Dentyl which means you dont risk coming out of KT like you might with Listerine! You *can* however use Listerine strips, which I took around in my bag everywhere with me. Dont forget to brush your tongue too.
Everyone has given you great advice here, I personally got the listerene strips from the chemist I got my lipotrim from......try them hopefully they will stock them if not why not ask them too.
im using the listerne strips and mouth wash and brushing my teeth about 5 times a day!!!!!
quick queston plan to do this for about 3 weeks... is my breath goin to stink for the whole time??
Yup, 'fraid so!!!!

The BAD side effect of ketosis is the bad breath, so all te time you are in ketosis it will be a bit pongy.

The GOOD effect of ketosis is of course that you are burning fat and losing weight nice and fast.

Now.... I dread the breath but the speed of the loss far outweighs the pongy breath any day
oh no.... im not even hungry but this is really pi**ing me off:(
Just keep drinking your 4 litres of water, get yourself some listerine strips and some Dentyl (Listernie itself has alcohol in it), and just remember WHY you are doing this diet. Its a short term problem. I had to deal with a lot of clients whilst I was SSing and I actually apologised to them if my breath was pongy, telling them what I was doing and why my breath might be pongy. Not a single one minded and all were very impressed at the weight loss. PEOPLE DO UNDERSTAND!!!!


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
oh no.... im not even hungry but this is really pi**ing me off:(
I'm on Day 8 so I'm definitely in ketosis and I don't find a problem with my breath - and my boyf and friends have assured me that there isn't. I do get an awful taste in my mouth every time I wake up but once I start drinking water it goes away.

I find that I am always sipping at something, either water, coffee r peppermint tea. I also use the listerine strips for a nice fresh boost.

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