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  1. joy1

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    well for some reason had a totally bad day today, not stressed or anything, but could not stop eating. Started off ok had porridge and blueberry's then went mad. had couple of biscuists about 6 chocolates, a tuna sandwich, handful of crisps, half a scone. Chicken breast with salad, a glass of wine and a can of cider. Feel full and slighty sick. Do you know I THINK its psychological I went on the scales this morning and I should not have :cry:done cos MY weekly weigh is now on a Mondays, but I was surprised that I WEIGHED under 10 stone, and that seemed to be a trigger to eat everything in sight, will have to seriously get on track tomorrow. :cry:
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  3. kered

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    Joy, we all have days like this sometimes, best thing is to just put it behind you and cut back for a day or so, there probably will be no damage done.
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    Yup, tomorrow is another day :)
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    Hmmmmmmm - I wonder what scared you so much about beng under 10st that made you want to make sure you went back over it??

    Sorry .... weight management coach head took over for a minute. There will be a psychological trigger there but you won't know about it consciously - or it's very unlikely. You could look into exploring that or you could just put it behind you - get back 'in control' and undo any damage but I'm sure that will only be minimal anyway.

    If there is a 'trigger' that needs to be found out about and worked on it'll happen again and again till you can't ignore it any longer. In the meantime you CAN decide to get back in the 'zone' and carry on :) xx
  6. joy1

    joy1 Silver Member

    back on track today, but going to see a band tonight so will have one or two drinks. I know what you are saying Jan, dont get me wrong I am no beauty, but when I was younger I had a nice figure, problem was the place I worked at the time was full of men who would make learing comments, I think to be honest that caused me to eat, and hide behind a fuller figure. Obviously I am lot older now and not likely to be subject to these kinds of comments, I work in a different environment and my figure has changed has I have got older too. I know this sounds like I am a prude trust me I am not, but I think the experience I had really affected me. Anyway got on scales again this morning and still weigh the same. I am going to try and get down to 9:12 or 9:10 and then try and maintain at this.


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    We women are such complex creatures, I'm one and I don't understand the way I think most of the time!!! Best of luck on your goal of under 9 stone. I look slim in some mirrors and I feel I look huge in others and panic sets in....but the scales don't lie!!!
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