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Bad Meals - what was yours?

Funky Mum

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What sorts of things did you eat pre ww?

We used to really pig out saturday nights. We'd have half a pizza each, wedges, onion rings, breaded mushrooms and sometimes garlic bread, then later on share a big bag of kettle chips. Not to mention drinks.
My other bad meal was veggie spag bol but I'd have heaps of spaghetti and then heaps and heaps of cheese melted through with the sauce on top plus garlic bread.

*looks for piggy emoticon*

Oh and chips, my all time fav. I'd eat mine with a pea fritter then eat anyone else's that were left.
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takeaways takeaways and more takeaways!!

We would have macdonalds for lunch saturday, indian for dinner, then KFC for lunch sunday and kebab and chips for dinner!!

I feel so bad writing that, hubby would still have that given the chance.


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pre-dieting days, it was takeaways, booze and loads of white bread and butter.:break_diet::break_diet::break_diet::break_diet::break_diet:

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
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My meals were never quite so bad - it was the carp I used to absolutely STUFF myself with between dinner and bed; whole cheesecakes, entire packs of eccles cakes (or any other cakes), several tubes of pringles at the same time, chocolate, boxes of cocktail sausages, packs of sausage rolls, salad cream sandwiches & many many packets of biscuits.

Never really sure why I binged like I did - maybe I'll never know but I know that after 8.5 years of dieting I couldn't imagine eating all of that now (some of it yes!) especially as I've pretty much lost most of my sweet tooth!

C xx


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I would eat all sorts of crap. Half a kilo bag of chips, a pasty, salad cream. Then I'd have a whole pack of big cookies. Lots of toast and butter too. That was just in one evening!


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Chips, crisps, cakes chocolate and way too much of it. Cakes are my main downfall. O.h came home with a box of chocolate muffins the other day and i made him hide them , lol !!


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my meals weren't all that bad although we would (and still do) have a take away every Friday night. Only now I have something vaguely healthy and save points in preparation

My downfall was the rubbish I would shovel in at every turn. I could go to the kitchen to put something away and I would have to eat something while i was there!! I would eat a six pack of muffins standing up at the kitchen side putting the shopping away. Thinking back to that makes me feel ill!
Takeaway on Fridays and eating out on weekends and probably all of my snacking. Anytime I was bored etc I would reach for food :( In the week my meals were never that bad really but my portion sizes were WAY too big!! Bought some half price WW scales yesterday so that won't be a problem now :D


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I was the same as Fallen Angel, it was the rubbish I ate between meals. I just didn't stop, EVER!!!!!


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I used to eat healthy during the day, then at night I would make a meal, but it would be HUGE. Like a pizza to myself with a whole garlic baguette. Quite often we would have takeaway, where I would eat a main meal and a starter or side. Fajitas I love and would eat them with the full fat wraps.. about 4 of them stuffed with chicken, then have the nachos and cheese on top.

At the office I would get a chocolate bar or crisps or snack because I was bored.

I overate whenever I could.


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anything i could get my hands on,

kfc bucket to myself
2 big macs, extra large frys , large milkshake
chips, cheese and garlic then a chicken parmesan and oninon ring plus half free pizza then other half in morning
bag of chips a smokie and battered burger and half a loaf of bread
pasta with half a block of cheese
thats the worst i think off at min will update later if remember more


Right to the 'point'
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I have never been a big takeaway guy, my family never had like a weekly takeaway or anything like that so it was Pizza for me, just the oven ones but looking back it's shocking how full of crap they are!

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