Bar humbug.. slight increase this week!


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Nothing major only 0.75lb! My first little blip since starting CD.

Am not deterred though as know its my body playing silly tricks due to starting 790, storing water and needing to go, as am still waiting for my supply of P/husks!! :eek: :eek: .

I know I havent been tempted off the path so havent had anything I shouldnt.

Hopefully things will be back on track next week and I can reach my 11st target just in time for Christmas.! (If not I might sulk then :D :D ).

Deb x
Hey Deb, I'm sure you'll be fine next week!! Could be water retention or anything!! P husks are the strangest things....they are ace!! I got them for fun, thought I didnt need them really, but wat a difference they made!!

As you said, dont get deterred!! Your doing fantastic so far!
Must have been the day for it. I was only down 3.5lbs.....having sipped water through my Christmas work lunch..........and having had colonic irrigation last night. I was expecting to be down loads..............

Ah well. Keep going (excuse the ahem pun)