Veggie Debbie & loosing those last few pounds.


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In order to help keep me on track to get to my target, decided to do a little diary :D . Never done one before in my life so this is a new thing for 2007. LOL

Will probably bore you all silly, but if it helps collect my thoughts and keeps me out of the cupboards then all the better.

Just a brief bit about me... started Cd beginning of Nov after trying to loose weight on and off for as long as can remember. Did well on WW a few years ago but sadly put a lot of it back on and just couldnt get back into it.

Several things finally gave me the kick up the backside to do something about my weight and stop messing about, but final straw was holiday we had in Cyprus in Sept. Felt SO miserable and massive :mad: , hadnt had a holiday for years and was so looking forward to it but just couldnt enjoy myself as my weight was so on my mind. Vowed never again!!

Considered re-joining WW but the thought of counting points and standing in queues to be weighed just really didnt appeal to me. Wanted to do something totally different.

Happened to hear about LL on another forum (to do with guinea pigs :) , i have quite a lot of them..all rescue piggers). Started chatting to lady about LL and gathered information from there. to be honest I had never heard of either LL or CD before then. :eek: .

Found a lovely CD councellor down the road from me, got in touch and started the CD path as you know. Been doing ok since started, with minor blip for Christmas & New Year but back on it now. Am nearly at target, and totally in the right place to get there. Hopefully will be there by Valentines Day, setting that as a mini goal date. :D .

Currently on 790 plan.

Am a veggie so my choices are quorn, tofu and cottage chesse on this plan. Plus my CD packs.

Thought i would put down my daily menus (though perhaps they wont be very interesting :eek: :eek: :p ) but it will help me to plan my days. :D

Officially started back on Sun 31 Dec after being weighed by my CDC.

Sun 31 Dec

Banana tetra
Cranberry Bar
Chilli Soup
10oz Quorn with hint of tarrogon + 3 tps celery & cucumber
150g Low Fat natural yogurt with dash of cinnamon (instead of my milk allowance)

Earl grey tea and water (not counted). Need to up my water as have slipped over the holiday.:rolleyes:

Exercise :eek: (new years resolution to start doing some) LOL

400 steps on stepper thingie.
Worth 50 calories :D :D :D :D :D
9.38 mins (and cream crackered afterwards)


Nawties at New Years Eve party.
approx 10 quality street sweets
4 bread sticks. ((sssh dont tell MadamDotty my CDC ;) ))
no booze though!! :)

Deb x
Mon 1st Jan 2007

Wow...a brand new year and a whole new outlook for me. :) This time last year after the Christmas & New Years festivities I was 195 lbs on my scales, and very miserable :mad:

So different this year :D :D :D

Got loads of things to look forward too:-

  • NEW clothes when get to target.
  • Weekend in Italy, Easter
  • Surprise 50th for hubby, off to New York, August (cant wait)
  • Return to Cyprus in Sept for a weeks relaxing!
Not going to be miserable on these holidays :D .



Butterscotch shake made into porrige with P/husks (yummy) :)
Peanut bar
Veg Soup
7.5 oz soft tofu + sticks of celery & cucumber, served with LF yogurt with a hint of mint. Used as a dip for the above, was lovely.
LF yogurt with a bit of Choc mint shake mixed in to make a scrummy choccie yogurt :D .

Earl grey tea and more water today.


Exercise for today

400 steps
50 calories earned
9.23 mins (getting a bit quicker. LOL)


Deb x