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If you're hosts won't be offended, take some wholemeal bread so you can have it as HEXB choice. Stay away from cheese on burgers. You could even take your own burgers and sausages?
If you can, have lots of salads, be careful of dressings and mayonnaise.
I find most people, when you tell them you are on SW, are pretty understanding, so if you take your own bread and stuff I'm sure they won't mind :)
Try not to drink alchohol, save syns for food :p well, I do, I find I'd rather stick to diet coke and eat lots than drink!
Hope this helps :) And have fun! Ultimately, it's only one meal, and you can always flexi-syn!
Being as I don't like burnt or undercooked chicken from BBQ I would take my own chicken salad,I took my packed lunch to a christening last Sunday lol.
If it's a 'bring your own affair' then take salmon, steak or reduced fat sausages! And fill up on salad! Or try corn on the con (no butter) or veg skewers!! If it's an eat what your given party then I'd plump for chicken if they have it, remove the skin and it's free. Most parties have some sw friendly salads or crudités on offer so you should be fine there! I think bbq's are great for sw followers as long as you follow some simple rules!! Enjoy yourself!


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I went a BBQ last weekend and I took my own burger and my own sausage there was plenty of salad there aswell So I had a pile of that with my meat. He had also done home made chicken kebabs (plain chicken with peppers and mushrooms on sticks ) was yummy


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Last Sunday we had a BBQ with our neighbours, basically we each provided our own food and cooked and ate together.

We had:
Venison burgers (sainsbury's taste the difference) 3.5 syns each
4 sainsbury's be good to yourself reduced fat Cumberland sausages. 0.5 syns each
Baked potato
Boiled eggs
Big pile of salad with salad lite on (all free)

Small wholemeal roll (hea), 1tbs ketchup (1syn) and 1 slice dairylea light (2.5) with frylight onions for the burgers.

So for 9 syns total I was stuffed!! And crikey it was a lot of food!!

I just had syn free rest of day:) good luck, bbqs are quite easy, especially if you do extra easy.
Bbqs are easy to stay on plan. Why don't you ring your host and offer to bring a couple of dishes with you (I love lamb and veg kebabs or spicy chicken drumsticks) then all the guests will benefit from your yummy SW food without realising! I normally take my low fat dressing and then I don't have to guess the syns in what might be there. Have a fab time :0) x


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I'm going to my cousins later for his birthday BBQ and I've just been chopping veg for some kebabs..
mushrooms, shalots, courgettes and mixed peppers..
I will be chopping up 3 pork medalions in a minute and have a pack of diced chicken also..
I was also meant to have some cherry toms on there but I stood on the corner of my shopping bag and squished them all.. :)
I'm going to a BBQ later and am soon going to start making some syn free burgers and will take wholemeal rolls and dairylea light cheese to make a lovely burger, may also take some lean bacon to make it a bacon burger. Nom nom.
Thankfully my friend who's house it is in week 2 of slimming world so is looking forward to trying the burgers.

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