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bars & packs

My fave is the Spicy Tomato soup! And a hot mint choc is yummy too at the end of a long day!

Not tried the bars as only on day 3, but am sure i'll give them a go at some point!


please try again
love the chicken and mushroom soup, choc mint shake and the chocolate cd bar


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I love the veg soup and choc tetras. Also like the toffee, caramel and orange bars :D


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Idon't like any of the soups to be honest, so am sticking with the shakes. If i have something i'm not keen on i definately wouldn't stick to it!
I like the toffee and walnut, hot, with a spoonful of instant coffee in for breakfast and chocolate tetras. I don't mind tomato, chilli or chicken and mushroom soups. I hate all the bars with a passion! And the banana tetra!
its so weird the amount of people that like /dislike different things.

I cant wait to get started hopefully I will like them all :) :)

Can you pick and choose which ones you get?


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You can chose whatever you like. I'd recommend getting a mixture of al of them to get you started, that way you get to try everything - then your second week you can pick what ones you liked the best.


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When's your appointment hun??? You can start cutting down on your carbs now which will help you when you go on soulsource. Start drinking lots of water now to start getting your body used to it. xx
I hate all the soups .Love vanilla ice cold (made with ice cubes) or warm as kinnda porridge(made with psyllium husks) or choc tetras or the bars .
I'm loving the Chilli Soup & Peanut bars - they are yummy, I'd like them even if I wasnt on this programme :):):)

I really like the Tomarto ones had one last night and it as yum, Going to have a veg one for my lunch i think.

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