right .... dont tell anyone ....ok ? .... promise ?
but i have the most awfull wind ........ and im blaming it on the same ...... lol
liz xx
Well i was expecting wind but it seems to be coming from the wrong end. Not very lady like. I well like a big fat belching Elephant!!!
Forgot a hungry, grumpy, fat belching Elephant!!!
Oh yes I know, what with that and the heartburn..........
oh God ..the heartburn :cry:

Rennie do sugar/carb free tabs though ....and they're minty so help negate the dog-breath

What an attractive lot we must be grumpy, farty,.... belchy bad breathed women ..I wouldn't want to be sat next to me on a bus :8855:
Michaela x
LOL my husband refused to kiss me tonight when he got in from work, and he cant smell due to an accident in the chemistry lab at school.............Will look at teh Rennie I am using zantac at the moment but i dont have the box so not sure if they have carbs in
im ok lol, infact i have less wind!!
Are you drinking your shakes and water quite quickly, if you are this might be the cause.

I get a bit of wind if I eat a bar, but since I suffer from IBS CD has dramatically reduced my wind!
I have a lot less wind than I did when I was eating.

I have been suffering from heartburn though, not nice!
Ive noticed an increase in me burping lol i dont have shakes, and cant eat my bars or soups quick so ive just put it down to the amount of water im drinking.
I am so glad i am not the only one belching and Heartburn!! I was getting worried. I lost a stone in 5 days, been on diet for 9 days, not cheated once and have not lost any weight since day 5!!! and I have 5 stone to loose.I am tempted to swallow a stick of dynamite to shift it all now!!!!