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Best choice for drinks?


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Can I ask for a bit of advice please?
Before my holiday next month, I'm going to re-feed and then be very careful what I eat and drink while I'm away.
I think I know what foods to choose, (low fat, low sugar) but I'm not sure whether wine is better than,say, a gin and low-cal tonic. Anyone out there with the "knowledge" Thanks. xx
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spirits with a sugar free mixer (d.coke etc) are the healthier option. Also Bulmers/magners lite or bud lite is pretty good
I read that vodka has the least amount of cals in it. Not sure if that's right though...
sorry i have no knowledge on this one as i dont drink so wouldnt have a clue. hope you find ya answers xxxx
Sorry Cathy, I'm not a drinker either but I'd go with Gemma on this one.

Have a great holiday, when do you go?



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Hi Cuddly, thanks, we go on Sat 13th Sept for two weeks. The plan is re-feed the week before, have hol (being careful!) then back on LT for 1 week, re-feed again, as flying to Cornwall on 10th Oct for family wedding, returning on 13th, but then going to Dublin on 17th till 19th for a reunion with the girls I did nurse training with. Pretty hectic hey!?
Wow, hectic, I'll say! It is nice to have so much to look forward to though.

I have a girlie night out to look forward to on Friday but they are used to me not drinking so they won't be bothered that I'm on the water!

How much are you hoping to lose before refeed? I defo think you'll hit the 3 stone mark by then.



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Well if I can do as well as you I'll be delighted!
I'm hoping to lose another stone, that'll make 3st3lbs. That will leave me another 5 stone (at least) to go (I'd like to be 10st 7) even then I will be "overweight" I'm 5'4" and should be 9st3-9st8.
I'll wait and see how I look.
By my next holiday in May, I should be OK. I'm in this for the long haul!
Cathy, you will do this, you are so determined! You've already lost over 2 stone in 5 weeks which is awesome.

I love it when you go down a BMI level as it really keeps you focused. I am very close to no longer being obese and am excited - I have been obese for so long now that it will be such a thrill to just be overweight! I am hoping to be just overweight for my girlie night out as I haven't seen some of them since about 3 weeks into LT and one I haven't seen for over 2 years as she emigrated. Only one knows I'm on LT and I see her regularly.

I'm sure you'll hit your mini target by your hols. It'll be your last ever "fat" holiday coz next May you'll be soooooooo slim and toned!

Nicki, how exciting to be so close to goal. I bet you look stunning now.

Good luck with your WI.

i am 5ft4 and was told anything between 7 stone 11 and 10 stone 8 depending on build-bone structure-muscle tone etc is a good weight to be for this height. i think i will get to 9 stone 8 or 9 this weeks weigh in then i am refeeding...i think i am starting to look a little bit 2 thin now....good luck hun xxxxxxx
Wow - your losses in your ticker are phenomenal! What an inspiration:D


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Thanks Sleekandclean, I think that's what I'll stick to, with just the odd glass of wine at a meal. (blimey, I sound like an alcoholic! but I do like to relax with a drink on my hols, and I need to find a way that I can build it into my life for afterwards, without fat repercussions)


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Hi Cathy

I am off to majorca on 13th Sept! We are flying from Birmingham and going to Pollensa. I have lefty my diet efforts a bit late - thinking of doing three and bit weeks on shake then refeed for one week. Just have to be good when away! Just hoping I will get into some of my summer clothes by then!
Maybe see ya there!!


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Hi Edwin, WHAT a coincidence!! We fly from Liverpool (makes a real change, everywhere we want to go, we usually have to go all the way to Manchester)
We're going to Puerto de Soller in the North of the Island,it looks nice.
We may even pass each other along the way somewhere! Shame that we won't know.
,,,,I'm looking forward to seeing and feeling the sun at last, :character00238: it's SO miserable here, 13 degrees right now and p*****g down:wave_cry:
Enjoy your holiday. xx

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