I think I need help.


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I'm in a very good spot in life right now to start losing some serious weight...yet I'm struggling to do it on my own.
I only have 1 friend and I haven't told her I've been making changes these past few months...I just feel like she'd add pressure to me, and I'm trying to do this for me...if I involve her I'm afraid that I'd lose some of that.
I do see my doctor in 3 weeks and I'll for sure discuss things with him and see if he's got any advice for me.

But...I'm struggling to do this on my own. I think it's time I reach out and ask for some support.

I'm 290+ pounds. Down from 315.
A few month ago I started to take a daily 30 minute walk. Sometimes I push myself to go fast, sometimes I take it real easy and slow. My goal with the walks are not to push myself...my goal is to just...well, walk! lol to get up and move. I take it day by day...if I feel like pushing myself I do and if I don't I don't beat myself up for taking it easy.

Recently a month ago I started doing beginner exercises (from Apple's Fitness+ program) 3 times a week. They're only about 10 minutes long but they absolutely do push me. I then follow them up with a 10 minute guided stretch/cool down.

I've also starting doing daily routines including 10-20 minutes of mindfulness, journaling and yoyoing. It's a hobby I enjoy and it actually starts to wind me after 15-20 minutes.

I have diabetes and take insulin each day to manage it.
My doctor also recently put me on Ozempic which can help with my diabetes and can also help people lose weight.

I'm in the best spot I think I've ever been in to start losing some serious weight.

But...dang...I struggle!
I have many good days where I'm not over eating...but then one day (usually after a restless night of little to no sleep) a craving hits me hard. And I binge. Large amounts. And sometimes it's something with a ton of sugar and I can get sick from it for days afterwards.
And after a couple of days of no sleep...my motivation to do my walks and exercises and everything really takes a serious hit. I'm usually so tired at that point that I just can't hardly function those days. I don't have the push in me to get up and get things done.

I also have ADHD-PI...I hate using that as an excuse for anything.
Like it or not though...I do know deep down inside, that it makes things very difficult for me.

I do realize I'm using my sleeping issues as an excuse. But sleep really is a major issue I deal with. I am on meds that help, but they sure don't help all the time.
It's 7:30 am as I'm typing this and I didn't sleep last night.
I've had issues my entire life with sleep.

I did really well yesterday with only eating around 2000 calories and I was real pleased with myself.
But at around 2 am as I was becoming extremely drowsy a strong urge to go eat hit me hard. They usually hit me the hardest when I'm super tired.
And so yeah...I binged and ate over 1500 calories worth of food (drinking a bunch of milk really took it over the top).

I think I need help.
I'm sorry if I'm coming across as cold or distant or strange here. I'm very tired.

I'm trying to do things on my own...and over all I'm proud of myself for what I've accomplished.
I'm in a great position to lose some weight in life. I'm on meds that can help, have started to make some positive changes in my life, have some really cool technology that helps keep me motivated (an Apple Watch Series 6 and 11" M1 iPad Pro) and am in a very secure place as far as my mental health goes.

But I'm lacking any kind of social support. Trying to do this solo and relying only on myself just isn't working anymore.

So here I am.
I told myself a few days ago that I'd find a weight loss community and I'd join for some support.

Sorry for the huge ramble. lol I do that from time to time >.<'
Consider yourself supported @Twitching77 !

Rambles can be good. Post here daily and join us on the Team 50 thread. Everyone there had a target of 50lbs off this year. So do join us with what you'd like to shed between now and Xmas. It's 12 weeks - so figure out what would be good for you. https://www.minimins.com/threads/team-50-is-back-christmas-2021.366615/post-8089274

Put your data into your account details and set up a ticker. Go to https://www.tickerfactory.com/ to create a ticker. Cut & paste the bb code into your signature. Fyi, the ticker doesn't always update speedily - can have a delay. https://www.minimins.com/threads/weight-loss-tickers.364975/post-8071694
Hello my lovely - yes, as AliGal says, ramble away - this is your diary. to say whatever you like, and we're with you all the way xxxxx.

I too have sleep issues - insomnia for years, and restless leg (on meds for that) - it's no fun is it, sleep deprivation completely saps me of the will to do anything, and used to make me crave carbs - but am in week 3 of dirty keto and finding that those cravings have pretty much gone (yaye!).

I'm in the WEMITTS section, come and say hello - https://www.minimins.com/threads/susies-2021-lifestyle-overhaul.309737/ - don't start at the beginning, life is way too short for that :D :D.

Together we can do this:0icanfly::wee:
Hello, I can fully understand, being someone who frequently suffers from insomnia then the next day feel like death warmed up. Eating healthy during this time can be hard. I try to batch bake. So if I can make extra meals from one dish, For example, curry, Bolognese, and casserole. I will box up these extra portions pop in the freezer for such occasions when I just haven't got the energy to cook from scratch. Here I take out one of my stand-by meals add either, rice or pasta or veg dinner then done in a fraction of time and on plan.

The space here is for you to vent your feelings and get the support you need. Going it alone is tough, much easier with others all doing the same and having the same goal of losing weight.

I have a myriad of health conditions, from MS, Sjogren's, and lymphoedema to name a few. It is a bit tougher losing weight with health issues I won't deny that. I can't exercise half the time. But do what I can when I can. The weight might not come off as fast as others but it is going slowly with the support of the lovely people on minimums.

I have now been losing weight with slimming world for nearly a year. I have learned over this time you won't lose every week despite being on plan, weight is determined by so many other factors from hormones, to healing from micro-tears (we hold on to fluid during this time but it dissipates in a few days) food we eat can play a factor too like eating bacon or gammon which are naturally salty can make you retain fluid again this dissipates in a couple of days. If you have a bad day draw a line under that and don't make it an excuse to have a bad week. One bad day will not ruin all your good work. You may not lose that week but you won't put back all the lost weight.

I don't have any high calorific foods to tempt me in the house. I only have treats like bliss bars, skinny whip, Alpen light, and yogurt bars. I always have a couple of treats per night that way I don't feel deprived. Skinny food co syrups, jams, etc been a big help I can have these with barely any calories. For a tablespoon of jam 7 calories. The jam is gorgeous in my opinion. Protein plays a big factor in staying full. At breakfast, I make baked oats with zero fat Greek yogurt, have a protein yogurt with it. So I have over 30g of protein for breakfast. Oats are good food for filling you with very few calories. You can make porridge, baked oats, and overnight oats to name a few dishes that are great to start the day with a few calories. Flavour drops can sweeten a dish and flavour at the same time. I didn't know this until just recently.

During my year I have been trying to change my awful eating habits and lay down new eating habits. I haven't always got it right it is a process that takes time. I realize the weight isn't going to come off overnight it took years going on now going to take a few years to take it off. But slow and steady wins the race. Since starting my journey I have stopped my blood pressure medications and reduced my cholesterol tablets and dr is over the moon with my efforts as are the lymphoedema team.

We can do this together with each other's support. Use minimum for your support. You can guarantee someone will know what you are going through and offer some guidance. Good luck with your weight loss journey and reaching your goals along the way.
How are things going Twitching77?
I have started a calorie counted weight loss plan today but I really don't like exercise. So like you, I plan to walk a little bit extra everyday. I am hoping getting out there, may bring some momentum and I push myself further everyday.

Good luck on your journey,

Cloudy xx
How are things going Twitching77?
I have started a calorie counted weight loss plan today but I really don't like exercise. So like you, I plan to walk a little bit extra everyday. I am hoping getting out there, may bring some momentum and I push myself further everyday.

Good luck on your journey,

Cloudy xx
I find any exercise is better than no exercise. You could take the stairs if you go somewhere, this will give you free cardio. I am thinking I of incorporating going up one flight of stairs initially to my hospital appointment which is often weekly and on the 4th floor. Or park the car at the back of the carpark to make you walk that bit further. Baby steps do add up. As we lose weight I am sure it will become easier over time.

How is your calorie counting going? I have never tried this method. I am sure after a short while it becomes second nature as SW has to me. in the beginning, I was struggling to have to look up every single thing to see the syn value now I know quite a few off by heart.
I hope you come back to update us. I know what its like to reach out then fade away. But there's some really lovely people here and I know they, we, will love to help if we can and with a new year coming up, we are all thinking ahead. How have you been getting on? Is there anything you've learnt that can help us?