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Best time/day to WI at home?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by BrittW, 7 September 2011 Social URL.

  1. BrittW

    BrittW Timelord

    So, with saving for a wedding, every penny counts at the moment and I can't afford to go back to group.
    I'm starting again as I have a wedding dress fitting in November but I will be WI at home.
    Just wondering, with anyone's experience when the best time/day would be? :D xoxo
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  3. heyxtara

    heyxtara Full Member

    As long as you do it the same day and time each week, with the scales in the same place, it shouldn't matter :) maybe a Monday to help you avoid temptation at the weekend?
  4. LisaC

    LisaC Gold Member

    Totally agree with the comment above, it'll balance as long as you do it the same time/day each week.

    My old group was 5.30 & I found I was paranoid about what to eat in the day, I do SW at home now & weigh around 7am on Wednesdays. I like weighing in the morning so I dont worry about what I've eaten. I also make sure I wear the same clothes, not as easy to do when you atten group but at home no one sees my pj's ;)
  5. sweet pink

    sweet pink is losing for shoes

    Like the others have said as long as its the same time every week it doesnt really matter but I always weigh in first thing in the morning after visiting the bathroom

    Good luck
  6. ladyantionette

    ladyantionette Full Member

    I always weigh Friday morning first thing before eating and after going to loo if you know what I mean!!
  7. BeckyT

    BeckyT Always trying!

    I get weighed on a Saturday morning which is great for me as I work away a lot during the week so it's hard to get a routine. The other good thing about a Saturday morning WI is that my new syn allowance starts again for the weekend!
  8. bennyj

    bennyj Full Member

    I weigh in on a Sat morning, first thing. Works well for me.
  9. joclairey

    joclairey Full Member

    If i weighed in at home it would be Friday morning, after toilet, pre breakfast. In the buff :D
  10. bunnylovesalan

    bunnylovesalan Proud Mama :)

    First thing in the morning, stark bollock naked without having no drink or food first.

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