Best Xmas present ever!!


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Well having spent a small fortune on presents. I thought I'd spend that last pound on a scratch card! And I won!! £1000.00!!! :D OMG thats Xmas all paid for. Pleased oh yes I am!! Just thought I'd share it all with you lot.
OH MY!! You jammy thing!!

Good on yer!

YEEEHAAA - Way to go.

What a brilliant bit of luck, couldn't have come at a better time of year too.


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OMG you jammy arse!!!
oooops - sorry ... I meant to say, how lovely CA!! :D

Enjoy your good fortune xx

(just off to buy a scratch card and a couple of lottery tickets! ;) )
Well done you!
I have won £20 on one of those, oooh what I could do with a windfall like that!!!

So come on, don't keep us in suspense, what are you gonna spend it on?!!!!!
Snot fair.:p

Pleased for you though :):cool:
blimey! well done! how fab is that??!!

nevermind having paid for xmas, treat urself to something nice! go straight to a salon and have something pampering and indulgent for yourself.

when u r a mum u tend to always see that the kids have what they need first and leave urself last so celebrate with something for yourself! ITS GOOD TO BE SELFISH SOMETIMES!
That's fantastic ............ how lovely just before Xmas.

Just off to check last nights lottery ticket and see if I'm a multi-millionairess!!
have a's lush x
Well sadly being as I've gone way over the top on everyone's presents this year the money will go totally on paying off my overdraft!! But hey it'll be paid off!!!
I'm sure that certainly cheered you up. Why do I never win??? Guess it's becasue I don't buy em!

Do something nice with the winnings. (Just realised paying off the overdraft that's fab!)

Dizzy x
Well I've paid off my overdraft! And brought myself some lovely new underwear as well!! I had great pleasure binning my size 26 big black pants!! and my 44E bras!! And now have a drawer full of size 16-18 knickers! And some very pretty 40D bras!! :eek:
hey 2007 debt free and slimmer!! x