Mommy fitness struggles and success!


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Hi ! Im Carol.
I am 32 and just gave birth on may 6 ! My little baby is doing fine, growing like a champion. I was pretty unhappy with the weight I got during pregnancy, I managed to lose some at the end (I was getting sick). After my son was born, I wanted to got back to gym quickly but I suffered stitches and just gave up my hopes. I was so broken inside out, I could barely walk the first month because I wasn't healing well. I'll also spare you the trauma I suffered from a long almost c-section delivery.
After three months, I finally decided it was time to workout, starting with small exercises at home. I was a bit scared of all the loss I would get in the gym!! My husband was comforting me and even ask to go with me but I wasn't just ready, I needed time!!

I found this fit girl on YouTube (I'm not paid but I'll share at the end) and she gave me chills the way she's motivated! I know she is not the only one, there are plenty of girls as motivated on the net, even TikTok is a great ressource; although it can be very distracting.
Anyways, workout home was ok but I needed weights : because to lose weight you need to lift heavy, you need to sweat and I was very limited. So I reluctantly subscribed to my gym membership and started going 4 times a week. You might think it's a lot but the thing is even if was just doing treadmill, I would still go 4 times until I felt confident trying other machines. Also, I wasn't afraid to ask other about the machine!! kudos to Maria who guide me through all the machines and gave me tips. but there is one tip I wasn't happy about : I needed to change my diet. ugh, really Maria??

My diet was pretty poor (nutrients speaking!) and truth is I didn't have time to cook healthy. At least, that's what I thought ! Being a mom of 4, it was so difficult to think of new recipes each day that I would just to the basics : pasta, burger, nuggets, pizzas... Everything to have peace and full bellies! My husband is a meat lover so meat was served almost everyday. I blush writing this. But I discovered something called "meal prep" and really at first it was messy I wasn't finding the good pace but after the storm comes the calm and now every Sunday I managed to prep the whole week! (if you want tips on how I meal prep I'll be glad to help). My diet was going well, succeeded in eliminating bad food, I mean the baddest at least, drinking more water. Something that helps with water as I hate drinking water is putting chlorophyl in it. Game changer for me!! There is a lady on instagram that sell it but I can't remember her.

along my diet, I started taking supplements to treat some areas especially the digestive area! We don't realize but most weight problems are related to gut. Our gut need to be cleanse!!!! Yes, I'm shouting! because ignorance can kill us. So I started cleansing my gut but it wasn't enough. Someone at the gym mentioned a special tea coming from France(?? like, how exotic!) that a famous tiktoker talked about. I was excited mostly because I thought I would be able to speak French after I drink it lol but also because of that TikTok girl who was so enthusiastic it made me buy it. It said "colon green tea" and I was sad because I hate green tea. But I was desperate (not really just curious) to test it. Just let me tell you something : it made my trips to the loo so easy! I wasn't feeling bad after eating my meals, my digestion was improved and I was no longer bloated, I was lighter and as I cleansed I noticed my weight getting down (a 3 months check). During those three months I wasn't really going to the gym cause my baby was fussy at nights so I was exhausted.

So here I am, 8 months postpartum I lost 17kg (initially 84kg), being active for 6 months + the amazing supplement. I want to join because I need motivation to go back at it, I feel like I plateau'ed and I don't want to gain those kg! I am here to read you, encourage you and learn from all of you during our challenges. Here is a before/after picture of me (after birth/8mos later).

YouTuber: growingannanas
Colon green tea: here
(I'm not paid I am sharing cause I don't think I'll get much views I just needed to talk)



I came here to testify the power of supplements but also to know if