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Beware - Exploding Fried Eggs!!

It's true!!

I was "fry lighting" some eggs last week for breakfast and as I was watching over them (like you do) one of the bl00dy yolks exploded into my face.

OUCH!! Hot yolk in 3 places on my face!
Coupled with a broken yolk I was not a happy girl.

So, word of warning - beware of exploding fried eggs!! It hurts. :mad:
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A moaning old boot!!!!
Sorry, this made me laugh a little. Only coz thats the kind of thing that would happen to me!!! :) :)

Hope your face is fine after the nasty egg incident x x x
Blimey...hope you're ok???
I had that happen in a microwave (when they first came out)...forgot to pierce the yolk and had it explode on me when I took them out! It blooming hurts!!
Yep I am fine thanks! It missed my eyes so that's what matters, a few red splodges where the yolk hit but nothing that couldn't be covered with a bit more slap than usual.

I've "fried" a lot of eggs over the last few years and it's the first time this has happened so hope it doesn't happen for a few more years now!!
gald you are ok,mnever had one explode but my poached egg fell appart yesterday when i was getting it out of the water-causing a major strop and feet stamping session


Slow but sure....
It could have been nasty Jaylou, especially if your eye's had been affected, thank you for the warning, I usually put a glass lid on my frying pan and it stop's any spitting....glad you are OK. X
I have one of that mesh things you put over pan to stop fat spirking out (not that it does now I use frylight) but they are handy for that kind of thing. Glad you ok

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