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Beware selling WW item on Ebay

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Take care. I had two sets of shopping books, eating out guides and manual points calculator so put one set on Ebay, it was removed today (fortunately had just sold it on Buy in Now!), citing that WW asked it to be removed as it infringed copyright/intellectual property.

I sent a rather terse email off to ebay stating that everything I was selling was the original material purchased by me therefore my property to sell.

They have replied saying that programme material purchased in the meetings is actually their property and therefore cannot be sold outside of the meeting!! Therefore I was infringing intellectual property rights.

I can't believe it! Surely if I pay for any items within the meetings it becomes my property (as long as its not subject to hire purchase agreement LOL!!!) and therefore I can do what I want with it.

She said that they are cracking down on ebay and going through getting all items like this remove!!!

Ive asked for clarification, I don't think this can be right. Need to do a bit of legal research tomorrow.
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Blimey. They want to stop people being able to do WW without shelling out for at least one class of course - that's why the points information is not available in the books you can buy from their mags either - only by joining.
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Its ridiculous if you ask me, just greedy. Whats the point of me having two of everything lying around!!

A lot of people can't afford to attend meetings and get all their stuff from Ebay.

I fired an email off again asking if its legal to sell items to customers and retain ownership without prior agreement and at what point does the leader inform you that any programme material sold in meeting remains the property of WW. I also suggested that if they in fact wanted to retain ownership of the material then it should surely be rented or given free to members on the contracted assumption that its returned to the rightful owners!

Doubt it will do any good but it made me feel better!
You can't get the information on how to work out your points or points values from the cook books so I think it's the things like points calculators and the Eat Wisely guides that they will be really clamping down on.
good for you, does that mean that they will crack down also at car boots etc I know there is warnings on their regarding cambridge diet stuff too, but surely if people have no longer use for it they can sell it??the world has gone crazy
Good for you on complaining though - you're right though, it probably won't make any difference.

My son has just had his facebook site pulled without explanation because he was advertising the student night he runs at a local nightclub. All they would say was that they had received a complaint - Josh reckons it was a rival club that complained. He doesn't even make any profit out of running the night. I don't know why some people can't leave things alone!
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Yes its just the programme material so all the books you get (eat wisely etc), the shopping guide, eating out guide and manual points calculator. So basically unless you know someone who has all this stuff to give you, you can't follow WW anymore without attending the meetings or signing on to the At Home Programme or Online Programme! Although wonder if its applicable to cookbooks only sold in the meeting?

First time I did WW 6 years ago I bought everything I needed off Ebay!
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WW have a department now that go through auction sites and pull items, it was WW themselves that had my auction pulled (just a little too late though), lady called Hannah was my contact. She said that they had pulled tens of auctions that morning! My point still remains though that surely you can't sell items to people and retain ownership without prior agreement!
It's on the back cover of Eat Wisely:

"The Points Weight Loss System and these programme materials are proprietary to Weight Watchers International Inc and are licensed to Weight Watchers members solely for their personal use in losing and controlling their weight. Any other use is strictly prohibited. Not for resale."

Miserable gits.
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Right there you go! Into the recycling bin in future then, god how miserable, although I guess you could give them away for free when you've finished with it!


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Thats so annoying! I dont have anything cause I just do it on my own! I have a friend who goes to the classes and she got me the eating out guide but have been thinking about going on Ebay to get the shopping guide and calculator and stuff cause its too expensive to buy it all at meetings!! Suppose WW is a business at the end of the day and they want the meeting fee! Still annoying!! lol


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Ah is it? Suppose when you add the postage and packing on. the calculator looks brilliant!! I think that will be next on my list! Then I want all the cook books! lol
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Ebay is a bloody joke now i put some ghds on there and they took them off for the same reason,bloody waste of time they are


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Youre joking! GHDS!! Although why would you want to get rid of them, I couldnt live without them!! lol
I wonder if WW are clamping down because once the new plan is out lots of people might sell off their old books etc, WW will want everyone going to meetings to find out about the new plan not buying the old one on eBay, it is a business at the end of the day.

If you have someone who can buy things at meetings for you they always work out cheaper in the end anyway.


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i have another pair of ghds so thats why i wanted to sell them but i cant now :(
Crikey. What reason did they give?

I know Ebay have had to get a lot tougher because they've been in trouble for hosting fakes of things. Also paypal have had to change their ruling about refunding people if they fall foul of fraudsters.

Of course, that is excellent, but I suppose they end up clamping down on everyone :(

Ebay have been in so much trouble with selling fakes of things recently (Levis, GHDs etc). Looking at it from their point of view, I guess they have no option but to stop allowing the sales of these big makes :(

Playing devils advocate here;)

I can also see WW point of view. It is a business after all, but very interesting that they can actually do this....actually not allow the sale of their books. The implications of this could be massive. Most books, WW or not are copyright. Wonder if all publishers will start insisting that their books aren't sold on ebay. Wow.

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