Big Bro update... I got through!! :oO


Guess who's back...?
Hi everyone -

This is a bit random I know... but help me get onto Big Brother this year!! Hehehe - can you imagine! It's the least likely thing anyone would expect from me (hence not asking my friends to view the vid, rate it, vote etc etc...) so please can I ask a massive favour - will you lot do so for me instead??

There are a couple of vids I've done (all very new and scary, and not that good!!) but the one with the lary wallpaper is the one that has been submitted to Big Bro...

The link is: YouTube - Anna's Final BB10 Audition!


I may try and make a better video soon, but like I say, I am not very good at things like that, so it's unlikely!

Anna xx
By the way - there are discrepancies between the two vids - in the main one i say I've lost almost six stone, which 'will' be the case soon!!! The other video is the truthful one, hehe... in fact, if you think the other one is better let me know... I'm torn... :p

(I can't believe I am showing you guys these!!!)
Oh keep it. I like the "oops" moments at the beginning.

What u like? BB is insane. Full of freaks and weirdos honey!

You trying to class it up?

B x
Haha - seriously, it is SO not the kind of thing I'd do... I have never really got into it or anything - I have just been thinking of things to do this summer... and then I saw the audition thingee and thought - oh my god, that would be a bit 'out there' for me! So, ta daaa!! :D

Haha - cool! I liked both but the most recent one was my fave!
I haven't really watched BB much but do have one question for you- "WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WANT TO GO ON IT!"
Actually I have 2 questions - the other one being, "What about yr cats?"
Btw - you look really slim already Anna! I'm so jealous!! :jelous:
go for it girl!!!
i would love for someone i 'know' to be on it
daisy x
Hey you look fab in your video but I think you might want to crank up the crazy a little bit if you want a chance of getting in there... you seem far too normal!!!!

go with the one u think, and go for it!! i always get into bb at the end and would be cool ta say "i no her" lol!! xxx
Oh Anna!

First of all, aren't you absolutely lovely in the videos - you look pretty in your pics on here, but with the videos you are a hundred times better, so animated, such an expressive face, and the camera loves you!
I like the one with the wallpaper, because of the wallpaper - it might stand out more when they're viewing the auditions.
I'm not a big BB fan and don't normally vote on these things except the XFactor finals, but I'll change my ways to support you if you get in.
Wishing you the very best of luck,
Sharon x
Aww thanks everyone - and Sharon - that was a lovely post - you've made me all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)
Jazzy - as for why... well, to be honest I don't know. I've had a really tough few years with illness, losing parents etc etc, and this weight loss has given me a new zest for life and I feel like doing something outrageous. I was thinking about signing up for an extreme physical endurance challenge like walking across the USA or running a marathon... but then I saw the audition process... and thought... hmmm... maybe...

And that's it really! No burning desire to be famous - just a need to 'live' a little after being pretty dead for the last 7 years.

Well you look wonderful, you are obviously smart well spoken and intelligent! I'd say the worlds your oyster!! Seriously - I have no doubt that you will have fun and succeed at anything you want to do now!! Bloody well done girl - go for it!
Sorry...trying hard to contain self..

"I want to play with some people!"...

If I were picking housemates you'd be in just for that!
hey.. just watched your audition.. just wanna wish you the best of luck.. look forward to seeing you on tv (fingerscrossed) love ya...X
Sorry...trying hard to contain self..

"I want to play with some people!"...

If I were picking housemates you'd be in just for that!

Hahaha - I know... everytime I watch it I cringe at that line... but I am a bit worried... I talk to my cats like they are people, and recently they've started talking back - is that normal?

I need human interraction sharpish!! Haha x
Cats talking back....I have no idea what you mean! :whistle:

I spend many hours doing running commentaries of what my cats are thinking when they are interacting!

You're not crazy!

The funny thing watching that - is its weird seeing someone you "read" with (ha!) a lot being interactive, and moving and talking. If that makes sense!

Good luck with it.