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Big Calves

I have now lost over 3 stone in weight, but my problem is that I have big calves, all my usual fat bits have now gone flabby where the fat is breaking up, but my calves are still rock solid, and I am thinking it is probably muscle. Problem is I wear slim jeans and fit into a size 12 at the moment, but they only just fit around my calves, a size 10 wont go anywhere near them, I used to horse ride from the age of 2 until about 16 so am wondering if I built muscle and they just wont get any smaller.... does anyone else have this problem
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Hey hun, I've been horse riding since the age of 4 and now 31:p and same as you always have big calfs even when skinny:confused: maybe it is the way our muscles formed while riding..to be honest even at my smallest i'm still ashamed of all me muscles lol


Still have big calves here, even when skinny, pure muscle due to walking, waitressing, paper rounds in excess of 500 doors a week, and manual work for years and years.

Always have trouble finding knee high boots. Not much you can do about it I'm afraid.
Awww was hoping someone would say the more weight you lost the skinnier they would get, but somehow I doubted that.... will have to check out size 10 jeans in other styles, maybe like bootcut then... thank you.


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:( i think big calves would eventually go thin once you lose a load of weight but within healthy range i think would stay big if naturally big iuswim
I have huge calfs even when I was 8 stone! I think its being sporty from a kid 'cos there rock hard, they would give a rugby player a run for their money!
I'm just the same here, can never get normal knee high boots to fit, usually get the wide calf variety. They have slimmed down a bit so no longer tight but don't think i'll ever fit into skinny jeans.. My Grandparents used to call me 'tree trunk legs' when i was 2yrs old! Things haven't changed since unfortunately and like you guys have always done horse riding, gym etc, then 7yrs in RAF doing blokey things and now police stuff.. wearing blokes boots all day everyday for the last 8yrs hasn't helped i don't think and there's no way i can wear heels!


is back to finish the job
I've always had large calfs too. Also from horse ridding from age 2 onwards. I haven't ridden for 2 years now and my calfs are still rock hard. I'm expecting to have the same problem once I'm thinner. Gutted was hoping for a nice pair of knee highs from a normal shop for winter with a nice skirt :(
I have got boxers calves, think a lot of it is down to carrying the extra weight so certain areas build up. Inevitably as you get lighter and encouraged to exercise you dont lose them or even build them, my thigh muscles have become very prominant. I guess in time they will shrink. Anyway girls in high heels with big calves look sexy as hell imo, dont worry about it.
Proportions certainly seem to balance slowly but surely.


Final Time on Cambridge
I have the same problem. My calves have slimmed down a little, but they are still quite large. I think it's just the way we are made :) (could be a lot worse though!!).


Oh don't get me wrong, I'd rather have big toned calves than wee scrawny sparrow legs, the main pain is finding knee high boots, but saying that I do prefer high shoes anyway!
Yes I have always had a problem finding knee high boots, was hoping that at last I could buy some, but obviously not...
duo of bath is a great shop for boots for larger calfs. you can actually buy boot in shoe sizes and calf widths... A must for any wardrobe IMO. Anyway I also have larger calfs, not noticed any shrinkage in them at the moment. I tend to stick to bootcut and boyfit jeans.


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I agree with PurplePixie that Duo of Bath are fantastic for boots with wide calf sizes. I bought my first pair of trendy knee high boots there a few years back and I was so chuffed to find some that I could fit in to that I bought a few pairs - a very expensive saturday afternoon shopping!! Worth it though.


Going for Goal!
Hi Guys,

Im not so sure it is a sporting reason...lol Only because I have never been sporty, never ridden a horse or anything, yet my calves are large and feel solid. Always have done. I just assumed it was just more fat, but from what people have described on here I too seem to have a bigger muscle on my calve than wanted.

I thought the reason may be that the muscle is working harder with all the extra weight we are carrying??? Or am I jusst being a lemon?!! lol

Hugs x x x
I've never ridden a horse either..I blame 20 years of wearing high heels! x


Going for Goal!
lol - yes Ellie that could be right. Although, I don't wear high heels either!!! lol

I must be a freak of nature!

Hugs x x x
I have large calves too-the bane of my life! Horrible ankles too. I've always wanted lovely slim legs and ankles-always have to hide my legs away 'cos they're horrible. Hopefully I'll look so fantastic when I'm slim that no-one will notice my tree-trunk legs!:D
I rarely wore high heel shoes and now thinking back I was always skinny as a teenager, only put on the weight after having each of my 10 children, a little bit after each one, so I really do blame horse riding and not high heels or carrying around excess weight for so long... lol Will def check out that shop in Bath though, will be nice to be able to buy a lovely fashionable pair of boots.

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