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Big day tomorrow..........

The day is finally arrived and tomorrow I start with LT. I am all stocked up and have read virtually every post on the site. Kids are all at Grandads/Nans for a week (half term on the Isle of Man) and I feel mentally ready to go for it. Wanted to start sooner but there always seemed to be something.... some event, birthday or trip on the horizon. Also I also only stopped smoking two months ago and it has taken me til now to feel psyched up enough. Just one query - WATER???? I am sure I read somewhere that you shouldn't drink excess water as it flushes salts out of your system which can lead to dehydration. Also read though that the more you drink the more you loose. Can one of you experts clarify it for me. I just want everything to be perfect tomorrow, and hopefully with three stone to loose, for some time after that. Thanks all.
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Good luck this week you can do it.
All I can say from experience is that the more water I drink the easier it appears to move (the weight that is) :)


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hi coccinella im restarting tommorow ,there are many views on the water hope fattothins links helped i drink about 4 litres a day it helps with the hunger the first couple of days and stops you feeling dizzy and having headaches after that and all the trips to the loo are great for toning your arse and legs lol xx good luck


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good luck

.. i started 16 days ago with some trepidation like yourself ... you will do it .. you have to really set your mind to it .. and be determined... make sure you have no social events that will side track you .. i made sure my other half understood exactly what i was doin so no meals out etc.. but we go out still as normal with friends i drive..... and drink .... erm.... yep you guessed it water!... hubby is lovin it now cos his pennies are lasting longer ... soda water is free in most pubs .. and of course no taxis!!
so far i am a pound away from losing one stone!!:)... and i am well pleased ... i too had three stone to lose ... so lose it with me!! we will do it coccinella... no sweat....!
also ... i drink about eight pints a day...water that is ...:Dit gets easier as you go on ... i found the water drinkin the hardest bit at first and i drink quite a bit of the stuff normally .. but now i seem so have water bottles all over the blinkin house.... so think positive keep looking on this site its helped me loads just reading the odd post keeps you motivated.. and everyone is soooo nice ... bye for now .... sharon.x
I will do it!!!!

thanks to all for your replies. I felt positive before but am sure now i can do it now i know i am not alone. I haven't said a word to anyone that i am starting tomorrow. nobody at work nor family know what i am about to do. i feel so sure i can do it and don't want any negative comments. least i know here everyone knows LT works and are supportive. I got no children at home and, being a single parent, no hubby to cook for, so it should be a fairly straightforward week. I figure if I can get the first week out of the way, and see some results, it will be easier to stick the second week. thanks everyone for all your kind words. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Good luck for your start, the first week is the hardest, so should you feel like you are struggling we are all here for you should you need help or even to moan .....lol.
Dont forget the water, and should you get a headache you can take your usual painkiller !

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