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Big Gains?


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What's the most you have ever gained in a short time?

I have gained a whopping 8-9lb over 10 days. Granted...not totally food I don't think. We went away for a couple of days and as usual...mother nature was due so I was taking Norehisterone for a week which does make me bloat.

I have also drank and eaten a lot of port, wine, pigs in blankets and white bread.

Been back on track since 2nd Jan so hopefully will shift it.

Im not adjusting profile because I don't intend on keeping it for long lol
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My biggest gain was 6 lbs in a week, that was a holiday week.

I believe it is just about impossible to gain 8 - 9 lbs of fat in one week. Part of this big gain will be water retention surely? Great you are already back on track since 2 January Mom38. I am sure you will have a great loss at your next WI. :) What day of the week do you weigh in?


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Thanks, Friday morning.

Ive been in a lot of pain and taken cocodamol for 2 days so of course its upset my stomach a bit.

Ive not taken anything though since this afternoon and opted for a synned brandy coffee and regular paracetamol and lots of veg in the hope ill be able to go toilet in morning (sorry for tmi). Im in pain already but not as much.


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Good luck for tomorrow :)
Good luck with that. I second that it will be your body holding onto water and it will slowly let it go over the next few weeks

Wait a sec that was a month ago lol.. so... how did you do? ⭐️♥️⭐️
Well done x I’ve stalled for 6 weeks doing everything right on Keto...wondering whether to change to SW but so scared when I eat carbs all the weight will go back on ☹️
Ohh I can beat this.

The weigh in was just before Christmas... then I had Christmas, and a three week holiday to visit family in New Zealand which involved eating out, snacks, aaaaall the naughty food, family meals, home-made brownies etc...

I put on 19lbs.



Let me be your stark warning, lol.

(Don't worry, I've got 14lbs of it off since I got back in January, but I'm still trying to get the last bit off... I was only 1lb over target before I went!)
Wow, well done on getting it all back off though.

Its insane how quickly you can gain it back not paying attention to what your eating.

Its nice while it lasts as long as you decide when to get back in the zone and shift the gain :)

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