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Biggest Loser - De-light-full Diva's

hi team had a bad day on the water yesterday:mad: but have made a good start for today :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:
Im at work all day so wont be on till later so have a good day everyone keep up the weight loss soon be wednesday and time for first results xxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning Ladies

Just wanted to cheer you all on for today...have already received one person's weighing for this week and she has already lost over 3% of her body weight so we're on the right track!!! :D :D

Remember this is the simplest and easiest it is ever going to be...focus on your packs and drinking a minimum of 3 litres of water per day, the weight will then take care of itself. If you need any help with the "head stuff" then check out our new NLP Forum which can really help you make some long lasting changes.

To live an extraordinary life we have to be prepared to be extraordinary! ;)
Girls, just to let you know i'm not getting a weigh in this week, My counciller is going in for an opperation....my next weigh in is next tuesday 15/01/08 but think of the results :D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
No worries Lynsey - that is fine. Looking forward to your weigh in next week though! :D

Remember ladies, I need your weights by Wednesday evening at the latest...I'm feeling really excited about this, you've all been doing fantastic!!! :D
Hi team dont forget to pm your wi today .
I have had a very odd week and at onepoint managed to put on 5lb:eek: but have stayed on plan not cheated and got up for toilet 6 times last night :eek: and have ended first week on 4lb loss :D so I am very pleased with that .I hope I dont have more weeks like this one for all I know it has to be water retention it really gets you thinking some norty thoughts but got through it so all good .Fingers x for everyones wi


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
We're on a roll girls....the weigh-ins are coming in thick and fast and we're looking good!!!! :D :D

C'mon Chika and Hedgemag...just need yours now!!
You go girls i cant wait to PM and tell you all my loss next week xx
:cry:I can't go for my long walks :cry:i've partial ruputured my Achilles tendon
Been told i have to stay off my feet so i don't totally rupture it . :sigh:
so sorry to hear that fay .You rest up:smoke: get yourself some cans :character00115::whip:and firm up the bingo wings while you are sat:giggle: lol .Take care get well soon

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