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Biggest Loser

I`m sorry but where was the logic in getting rid of claire. What on earth was going through their heads.
Zandela should have gone in my opinion!
was really upset for the black team, they didnt eat the bad stuff! I think they got rid of Claire cos she was competition......but she didn't like mixing with the team much. Brill series, I would love to go on something like that (but not if I had to stand there in cycle shorts and crop top!!) x
Unbelievable that they could go through that all week and lose nothing - I would have been so gutted - and yes, they got rid of the competition for sure.


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Love the show! One of my best mates won the last series...he's a true inspiration. I watch the show now while I'm on the cross trainer n pretend I got angie n Richard screaming in my ear :) xx
Yeh agree she was competition.They have to be eating way to much though not to have lost , especially when you have alot to loose. I watch the american one as well.I really only watch the weigh in on these shows coz thats the most exciting bit.
Tune in next week for the next instalment.lol


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I didn't watch the show, but if they had huge losses before it's possible their bodies were adjusting to that loss and trying to cling on to the fat in new ways. When we were cavepeople lots of physical activity and very little food was pretty much our natural state so the body does have some very established ways of putting the brakes on, weightloss wise.
You see them eating normal food sometimes, I dont think they're on shakes (with all that exercise surely they cant be on vlcd).

Thought last night was awful, rewarding the team that ate junk and sending home the one who lost the most.


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That's exactly what we thought. She didn't eat with them and did extra gym sessions and was rewarded with the biggest loss, but as the other 3 had bonded they voted her out. I hope she carries on and shows them all up at the finale.
I think they should spend more time showing us what they actually eat. they haven't really done that yet! Also was a shame Claire went cause she lost the most out of the team! Zandela shouls have went because she didnt put as much effort in to the team task and kept saying she wants to see her son and is de-motivated. Poor Claire. She didn't socialise with her team mates so would not have helped her. Rob voted out his main competitor.

Can't beleive the majority didnt lose anything or hardly anything!
Usa version on tonight at 9pm on living.
I couldnt find it on Living, but rechecked and its on ITV 2

The usa show is on channel 122.Sky has changed all the channels round just to confuse us all more.
It will have to take a back seat tonight as Vampire Diaries starts again tonight, sad I know.

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