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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to come on here and share my disappointment and hopefully find someone to perk me up. Just had an awful binge. Went to class last night after having some fab losses, put on half a pound. It's star week and I really suffer with craving so today I have gone off the rails. I'm am going to completely embarres myself and tell you what I've eaten so it gives me the kick up the arse I need:

peice of chocolate cake, wispa, 2x twix extra's, ginsters pasty, chocolate fudge cake and a packet of hula hoops.

I'm really disgusted with myself and feel awful right now :(
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ok...so you binged....
Have you learnt anything? Do you feel as though you are going to get right back on track? Are the reasons why you joined SW still valid?

You can't undo the binge, but you can just look forward and not backwards. Whats done is done.

Today is different to yesterday!!

You can do it Victoria - use this site for support and ideas and get straight back on track.

Well done you for being so honest. x


Will be thin god dammit!!
Awww Victoria dont be sad its something that we all do from time to time.
I am exactly the same as you, if i have one little slip then i try to eat every thing i can get my hands on!
Draw a line under it and make a new start tomorrow - Good luck hun
see that ^^ thats the line your going to draw under today xx

* week affects everyone in different ways your gain compounded it but tomorrow is another day so get back on the SW wagon :) and be happy that you have found a diet where you can actually eat
Decide to either work out how many syns you had and pay them back by not having that many in the week or just get back on plan and use your syns wisely for the rest of the week

take how cack you feel about it and use that to make you more driven till next Mondays WI

you have already lost weight and thats an achievment you should be proud of xx
Thank you SO much everyone. I do feel like crap and am disgusted with the amount of rubbish I've put in my body. I will however draw a line a move on, tomorrow is another day. My only problem this week is a friend coming over Friday for drinks, I can't cancel as I'm actually asking her to be my Maid of Honour so there will defo be drinks lol. I will however stick to Vodka and S/L mixer then not have since til next WI Monday. I'll do lots of exercise and eat plenty of super free.

Urrggh I really wanted a loss this week :(

Thanks again ladies, you ARE wonderful xx
oooooooooooh a wedding in the offing :) congrats xx yep get back on track enjoy Friday night then be good till Monday
I have been there so many times, several times a week sometimes on WW and i know how crap it makes you feel.
As long as it stops there, and tomorrow you are 100% then that is all you can do. Move onwards and get back on it, the feeling of doing well and having a great loss is better than the taste of anything.....maybe other than fudge cake. Deffaintely with you there!


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Maybe try to have fewer syns during the week or save them for Friday. I always get awful cravings before my star week, but the important thing is getting straight back on track to limit the damage.
I understand and will get back on track tomorrow. It would be better if I didn't have a unavoidable girl night on Friday but I will make a SW friendly meal to eat.

Feeling seriously gutted but really love the support! xx
Well it's done now so pick yourself back up & be good :)

Don't worry to much about Friday - I would avoid as many syns as poss till then, enjoy a few drinkies then again avaoid as many syns as poss till WI.

Good luck for being good this week!!

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