Birthday Shrink.

I never introduced myself on this forum so I thought it would be best doing it now before I begin to rant in rave in my own little section lol. My name’s Stuart, I’m 19 from Scotland. Right now, I don’t know my weight as I’ve not weighed myself in ages! I’m 6” and according to the Wii Fit I’m JUST obese. So I need to do something about that lol, obviously. I really want to sort myself out and be healthy since all my life I’ve been living on nothing but junk and microwave foods.

At one point I even starved myself, becoming very boney and yellow. Until one day I fainted and decided to diet the healthy way again. (Yes, I did put back on all the weight!) These were bad times not to be brought up again.

So here I am with a little online diary which hopefully keeps me motivated. I used to write in notepad about my dieting ways and keep it to myself, it’s gonna feel a lot better with people opinons and thoughts beside my inputs!

So, today I went and bought all the proper veg and fruit for Katie Price’s diet. So I’m heading to stick that out, only had one cup of the smoothie yet and it’s alright, I can put up with it. I think it puts me off a little because it’s thick. You’re suppost to use a juicer and then blend other stuff in but I don’t have a juicer! So I just threw everything in and blended it? I think that’s okay? (I had to add some water into it aswell obviously.) I just wonder what I can snack on though, like, silly stuff like Pepsi Max (which has about 4 kcals every 2 litres?), and stuff with low kcals. I’m not sure. So I don’t wanna be a pig and eat things I’m not suppost to.

I’m not a very great exerciser anymore. I used to go to the gym and run a lot but now I’m just a bum. But I’m gonna start running again, not far but far enough. I just want to sweat, then I’ll know it’s a job done.

My goal is to be lighter for April 8th which is my birthday. Even if I just drop a stone I’ll be fine with it, I’d feel better within myself if you know what I mean.

Anyways feel free to comment and I’ll keep you guys updated!
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Hi Stuart, wish you every success on your weight loss. I've never heard of the Katie Price diet? Is it calorie counting or something else?

I don't know what sort of food you like but good snacks are plenty of fruit, and there are countless low fat snacks on the market, you shouldn't have a problem there! Just make sure you don't go hungry because that really defies the point of a healthy diet.
Jordan (Katie Price) Diet just consists of two smoothies (which contain fruit and veg) and a healthy evening meal like fish or chicken with salad, no snacks at all. I think I could get bored of the smooties, I might just replace some of the things that it consists of that I don't like.

Good luck on your weight loss aswell. x

Just a quick edit to say the whole day I had;

- 2 smoothies.
- 4 manderines. (sp?)
- 2 apples.

Not bad, but it's only day one so I'm not so high on that lol. Wait and see what I'm eating this time next week. Tomorrow I'm gonna buy chicken, fish and some salad. Stuff that I can actually eat. I would have had that today but I had none! And I didn't wana ruin it on day one. So tempted to eat mac n' cheese but if I give up now, why not give up tomorrow and the day after. I shouldn't have such things in my house to tempt myself. :eek:
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So today was good I think, again. Not as good as yesterday though! I still didn't get the chance to buy chicken or fish but I'll do that tomorrow as I need more apples and veg for the smoothie anyway.

- 2 smoothies.
- 1/5 of a cucumber.
- tiny bit of pineapple.
- 2 apples.
- 10 clementines. :(

I started with 2 clementines then went on to eat the lot and now I'm out of them hahaha. But I guess it's better than chocolate and crisps. Tomorrow I'm gonna have a proper dinner, probebly salad and fresh fish or something in that nature. Woot!

To be brutally honest, I was so tempted to go through and just open up tin of Mac & Chesse I have in the cuboard, but I'm over that now. I'm not gonna cock up.