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Bit confused about calories to use?


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Ok so if I go by MFP, and i put in my deets and say I want to lose 2lbs per week, it comes up with 1200 cals per day. If I do extra exercise, then I get to eat those too.

I bought a ki fit which tracks every calorie you burn it takes off 1000 cal to give you a 2lb loss per week. You then stick to that amount of calories to eat, and eat any extra if you go over. So it says on an average day without extra exercise I should burn 2600 cals, my monitor says this is what I have been burning. Therefore 2600-1000=1600. Then any extra exercise on top of this, my calories burnt figure went up, so I assume I eat these calories as I dont want a greater defecit than 1000cals. Why then does MFP only give me 1200? The little reader that takes my reading seems to be very acurate, and so if I did the school run twice a day, I burnt approx 400 extra cals, so therefore 2600+400=3000, then minus off the 1000cals to get the 2lb loss, that equals 2000cals,, seems alot? Any ideas?:eek:
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I'd suggest you pick one, and go with it. Trying to merge Ki Fit's diet and MFP diet would be like trying to combine WW and SW. They might seem similar, but they'll work much better if you follow ONE to the letter :)


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I agree with iwillsoonbeslim....

The debate about how many cals and do you or don't you eat exercise cals back is talked about often in these pages... Caroline g explains it well if you can find her thread (it's in the cc pages) but trying to combine different diets or guides s only going to cause problems..

Good luck :)
Eating back exercise cals is quite a contreversial subject. Some people say "yes" eat back your calories. Caroline g has a fantastic explanation as to why you should, I highly reccomend you read it.
Also on page 28 of my diary Squeezyweezys new life (it's in the cc diaries section) Happyhealthy gives a fantastic explanation as to why you shouldn't eat back your exercise cals back. Give that a read too, both very informative.
I think everyone is different though, so you should do what you think will suit your body best. Maybe for 2 weeks do eat them back, and then for the next 2 weeks, don't. That way you can see which gives you the best results, and more importantly which you find easiest to stick too. :D

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