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Bizarre cravings when on LL

I apologise for the lascivious food-talk that will follow:
Mine is always bread. In all its glorious forms - naan, pitta, white, brown, croissant, brioche, toasted, warmed. Sometimes the bread craving comes with an accompaniment such as baked beans or curry but the bread part seems to remain constant...
Bizarrely, before LL I didn't really eat a lot of bread (although, clearly, my idea of 'not a lot' was fairly skewed) and never craved it.
I read on another thread that Atkins says that you often crave things that your body is intolerant to, but who knows...
Last night there was an advert for KFC and I craved KFC all evening (serves me right for watching the X Factor).

I don't even like KFC, I haven't eaten it in years, as far as I'm concerened the Colonel should have taken the secret recipe to his grave.


Back to the grindstone!!
Hmm, I did walk round the supermarket last night looking for something nice to eat. I fancied some of that lovely cooked, warm chicken bits they do but as it was late it was all gone. Probably just as well. Home to a cup of mushie soup!
But I feel better for it today.
When I first started LL, I used to dream about cheating & having something sneaky to eat. Of all the things I could dream about eating, I chose cream crackers!!! How sad is that? No chocolate, just cream crackers! Bizarre!!
well i am doing cd not ll but ever since i read about pickled red cabbage in one of the cd books i havent been able to stop thinking about it! my mouth is watering as i type!
I used to crave a Subway sandwich - I don't even like them either. Finally gave in and had one during a brief lapse period and it actually made me horrendously sick - so now the smell of them just makes me feel ill!


Likes to laugh
Yea im craving cheese! Just pulling the chedder out of the fridge and biting into it lol!!

Also, want a curry from my local indian!

Chicken tikka chasni!! mmmm omg ! lollol :p

Quicker i stick to this and lose my weight i can maybe have some !! lol

hahah in about a year!!
Meat and cheese probably aren't the worst things you could eat as they won't really affect your ketosis, not that I'm encouraging anyone to cheat!

Yesterday I really craved Turkey and Cranberry sauce.

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