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Boredom has set in and may stop me getting to goal

:cry::cry:Well I am so veeree bored! I am trying balanced thinking but I am finding it difficult to escape the thought that I am so bored with 4 foodpacks a day, water, water, water ( and planning my days around toilets) and the highs and lows ofweekly weigh ins and I really want to start management and working on "the hard part".

I really would like to stick with abstinence for another 4-6 wees but I am in danger of falling off the wagon. Yesterday I nearly slipped and had a binge on Mince pies and crisps. I eventually had extra food packs- I am too ashamed to say how many. Today again I think shall I take a day of and binge just to break it up a bit and then get back on with it?

I am struggling to stay with this so I am wondering if I start management early at least I will have a change of pace without bingeing.

I will regret not losing that last stone but hopefully I may still lose a few pounds on mgt. What do you think?

The only thought that has stopped me from bingeing so far is the dreaded weight gain and carb withdrawals!:cry:
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Deb G

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What worries me is your regular use of the word 'binge'. If you really can't stand it any longer, then eat, but don't binge! This is just your food addiction trying to control you. Why not change to one of the CD plans where you CAN have meals and lose it slower. Sole sourcing is not for everyone. It is better to lose it slower than not lose it at all, or even worse, pile it all back on!!
I binged once on this diet and the next few days were so much harder than the first few days of LL. I had had the sugar rush fix with the carbo loading had brought me and I craved it stronger than I ever had before.

If you're feeling low I would definitely warn against binging, you will make it much harder for yourself.
thanks christovee

Thanks Deb G, the binge bit worries me too. I am feeling a bit all or nothing about it which is why I think I should go into mgt so I can have a meal.

The unbalanced thoughts I am having is either stick with it 100% or go off the rails and it feels like there is no middle ground except mgt!

Is there a mgt program on cd?

Actually I must say that I have discovered on this programme i have now learned too much to allow myself to "binge" as such. Mt thoughts would soon invade and ask me what am I doing to myself. However I am craving the sensory pleasure of food so I doubt I will avoid carbs altogether. I fancy a homecooked meal with afters. Still remaining strong though.

So far today I have had almost 4 litres of water, half a bar and one choc foodpack.
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Hi Hun
You do sound quite low.
I am assuming that as you are in development that you have been doing this for some time.
How far have you come and how far have you got to go?

I believe on the road to management you still lose in the first weeks as you are adding 1 meal but still having 3 packs a day. Then after 2 weeks 2 packs, 1 meal and 1 snack. (We had quite a chat about this in our meeting last week with the locum who took our class).
If you really don't think you can carry on, then RTM would be much better that stopping all together. You can also go back if you need to. You could do RTM, then if you feel you need to lose a bit more you can reduce your meals again and replace them with packs. It isn't a one way street.

Have you had a long chat about this with your LLC? Do you feel that she can help you with this?
I do get the impression that there is a lack of support in general for the development phase which is probably still needed by most people.

If you really feel you need a day off and think it is the only way you are going to go, then plan it to the letter and stick to it. Plan the whole day so you know how much you will eat and what you will eat, you could make it reasonably healthy if you try and stay with low fat and low carb as much as possible. Enjoy it, savour it, move on.
Whilst you are getting close to your targets, "binging" is not the best way forward to satisfy cravings.There is an ebook that helps with dietry stratagies to help weight loss, with proven results. It may be worth a look.

Good luck I hope you reach your goals.

Thanks 3 bears I shall be looking at it tonight. That was really helpful of you posting that link.

Ali- I am not allowed to add any meals at present unless i start management. I feel quite silly I have done 17 eeks altogether and have about 1 stone and 10lbs to lose. SO although I feel I have acheived a lot it has not been "that" long. For someone in my group this is her second christmas being abstinent- now thats commitment.


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Whilst you are getting close to your targets, "binging" is not the best way forward to satisfy cravings.There is an ebook that helps with dietry stratagies to help weight loss, with proven results. It may be worth a look.

Good luck I hope you reach your goals.

Hi JJ - thanks for the information about the ebooks, but the link has been removed from your signature - as your membership grows, you will be allowed to post links, etc. I'm sure you understand we like to protect our members from Spammers :)
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I didnt get a chance to look at the link as I was getting my lil one ready for bed! Thanks anyway 3bears
Hi CC - Maybe you can get the link PMed to you?

I know how frustrating this all must be - I have yet to start, and I am fearful of boredom and frustration too, but I know that is to bbe part of it.

Try your hardest to persevere. I am sure you have been working very hard, and it would be a shame to undo the good you have done.

Just keep reminding yourself this is not forever - you will reach your goal - and those things that are causing you distraction will soon be behind you.

Hang tough - there is a lot of support for you here, and everyone wants to see everyone succeed - so hang in there!!!! I know you can do it!!!! :)

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