CDC Bushey, Herts
well yesterday we finally got around to sorting out our wedding, we just went out as if we were buying a loaf of bread and booked the whole caboodle, so Aug 30th next year I will become Mrs B!! I'm so excited, and I am marrying the man I love most in the world, (it's so much better 2nd time around).
Started back on CD packs last week want to shed 4 stone and maintain so I can look absoloutly stunning on the day, really want this to be a day to remember!!
43 weeks and counting! :)

You'll look stunning you've already got the looks so losing 4 stone OMG he'll be a very stunned chap on 30th August 2007! Lets hope not too stunned that he faints! :eek:

Good luck with the planning.

Kam xx
Stacey I am so pleased for you both!!!!! So glad to have been there when you met ;)....!!! Looking forward to catching up soon!!!
This is such fab news Stace.....and you and your prospective look sooooo happy together, I can't wait! :D

Thanks for the coffee and chat tonight hun...:)
thank you all for the wonderful messages, as for dress tips that would be fab, will be looking for something sleek & slender I think, 2nd time round I think its really important not to over do it, so any useful tips would love to hear.....
Rachel, when I think back to that night I can't help but laugh, what was I like on the plane?????
Gayle you also remember a first night!!!!!!!
what would I do without friends like you xxxxx :)
Do I remember "a first night"!!!! :D :D I was thinking about that last night on the way home and was howling with laughter...remember that was also the night of the blast in Hemel Hempstead! ;)
lol i remember that night with a bang too.... and you calling to tell me!!! How funny!! Well as for the flight home from plymouth via St Ives that must have been the longest hour ever!!!!!!!

looking forward to catching up properly soon!