Bring back real gravy!!!


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Did anyone see Gordon Ramsey last night in the Fenwick Arms, Lancashire....

He got the pub to transform into a traditional country pub serving good old fashioned food and the owner has started a campaign to bring back gravy!!!

My husband and son are both big fans of Gordon:rolleyes:

But I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed last nights programme on TV.

I now would love to go and visit this pub after seeing how it was after the transformation.

Love Mini xxx
Yes. I saw it! I love that programme :)

The owner of the pub reminded me a bit of my husband. Seems quite and easy on the outside, but firmley set in his ways and nobody is going to move that :D

I always have real gravy. Never tried gravy granules. They any good?
We make real my mum showed me with bisto, meat juice and the water off the veggies.:D
Hmm, this may sound silly, but what is 'real' gravy?

Is it when you use the juices from the meat or something?

My mum always used gravy granuals, and now so do i.

Marks do a lovely ready made poultry gravy tho!
If Gordon was here he would use the F word!

As he hates bisto...he is posh:p ;)

I must ask husband how did Gordon make his gravy as I was out making a cup of tea when he was showing how he did it and husband said he must try that...:rolleyes:

I think if you have a roast of chicken or beef making gravy is simple, my mother was a brill cook and she made the best bisto gravy of all time... this is what I was reared with...

I like tasty unpretentious food and like to keep things simple.

I am glad that this designer food is going out of style!

Back to good quality wholesome food.

I would like to taste the gravy that was on last night as it did look nice.

The Yorkshire puddings looked wonderful!

Love Mini xxx
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I watched it, oh my goodness didn't that roast beef and yorkshire look the dogs whatsits!!!!! *salivating now at the thought of it!!!

I checked their website - what a shame some people are posting obscenities! I rang them to let them know. (it isn't fair that people do that kind of thing...)
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I watched it, oh my goodness didn't that roast beef and yorkshire look the dogs whatsits!!!!! *salivating now at the thought of it!!!

I've never been partial to dog whatsits;), but I must say the yorkies look huge didn't they:eek:
OMG I dumped real gravy last night in the food dump, I literally dreamed about yorkshire pudd and gravy last night.

It looked lush!
I love Gordon Ramsey!! I watch anything he is on.

There are two basic approaches:

1. Separate the fat, cook it with flour to it to make a roux, then add back to pan juices.

Set the roasting pan on the stove and turn the burner (or burners, if the pan spans two) on medium high. While the juices are heating, use a big metal spoon to scrape all of the dark, cooked-on goodies from the bottom and edges of the pan

. Separately, mix cold water (and it must be cold water or you get lumps) slowly into a cup or so of flour (I like to make a lot of gravy, like a couple of quarts) until it becomes a smooth, not-too-viscous paste.

You want this sort of runny.
Slowly pour the flour and water into the roasting pan, stirring constantly. When the mixture is smooth, you're ready for more liquid. I usually make a few cups of turkey stock and supplement this with home made chicken stock I have frozen ready to use in the fridge. (or chicken stock cube )

I'll also add water if I need more volume. Add some Kitchen Bouquet**, a nearly flavorless caramelized sugar solution mostly for color, but I never make gravy without it. Finally, and especially if there are any fat slicks on the surface, add a cup or two of milk or cream . Let simmer until you're ready to eat.

You can make it yourself:

1/2 cup brown sugar
2 cups water

Put brown sugar in a pan on a slow fire and let it burn or parch, slowly stirring all the time. When it turns a dark brown, add water and stir well, and then bottle.
Antony Worrall Thompson's Onion Gravy that he does for Tesco is the best ever....its not powder or granules but the real stuff and taste absolutely divine!!! It's one of the only reasons I go to Tesco's as I'm normally a Sainsbury's or Waitrose girl!! :p
ooooooough!!! well get you!!! ;);):D:D

not so posh me....gimmie me fake gravy and fake sugar and fake fur and fake designer schizzle and ....erm...fake....other fake stuff!!! yeye!!!:D:D

What is fake and what is real?

Just that one person paid too much for the same thing?:D

You will have to taste my oniony gravy sometime...

Best made with lamb chops, onions fried on a pan and add the water from frozen peas, salt and pepper and add Bisto, Bisto, browns, seasons and thickens all in one go!

Serve with new potatoes and peas yum, yum:D