Hey Unreal BurtBird here!

Have been away from the site for a day or so this week as I have (like you) been battling with nasty b*tch in my head telling me to get a chicken caesar salad .... I haven't.
I nibbled on a tiny bit of chicken instead which I know I shouldn't have but I'm still in Ketosis.
Am still battling with the voice in my head and feeling real poo for it as well .... I feel so down in the dumps and low.
To top it all off, despite being good for my entire 1st week I only lost 3lb! I could do that at bloody weight watchers and still eat!!!
Am so annoyed ... may just jack it all in!
Honey, don't jack it in!! Did you lower your carbs before starting? A big part of the first week's mega loss is your glycogen store - if you lowered your cars before then, you won't have such a huge drop.

Also, you KNOW you will lose a stone a month on this, whereas you don't have that guarantee on other plans. You've gone through the worst of it - stick it out for another week and see. (((HUGZ)))
Please dont give in
You have lost and you have done the first week which is the heard week
Stick with it babe and the weight will come of.
Sending you positive vibes
Awww thanks!

See - this is what I like about this forum!
Honest to god I do feel better already and had a read of another thread of someone in a similar situation.
I think I need to stop thinking about weekly targets and focus on a monthly loss ... I will try not to be too upset if its not much of a loss agian this week ....

One thing has come out of this - I've only just realised just how much of a food trigger my mood has.
I really do use it to cheer me up!

I am really going to focus now!!

And yes - I did cut back my carbs before starting ... so you're right it could be that .. also cdc said I could be retaining water and that for every litre of water I retain is an extra pound .... thing is I am a naturally thirsty person and I have to drink lots of water. :(

Oh well lets hope for a better loss on Monday!
Hi Burt I havent been around for a few days!!

Sorry to hear you didn't lose much in your first week, are you still sticking it out?

Maybe it was the chicken, lets hope for a better loss next week - don't give up!!!!!!

I am going to update my blog now, i am so lazy with it!

Burt, your sooo right....that happened to me in my first couple of weeks as well and I just thought, f*ck it, why am I putting myself through it!!

But I'm glad I stuck with it now....all the little 3's add up!!
Oh Burt - you've made it through the toughest bit hun! :D That first week is a killer!:eek: Well done you! ;)
3lbs is a gut wrencher after a week of that BUT like everyone's saying... a stone a month... I mean.. THAT is an incredible thing!! I'm still trying to get me head around that!

But you know what, you did so well to not give in to that bad bad voice whittering on about caesar salads! It's ok for a bl**dy voice - IT doesn't see itself in a mirror or get peed off with wearing clothes it doesn't want to! :mad:

Here's hoping that on Monday you have a wonderful surprise when you step on those scales:D

Take care and hang on in there - you can do it!
My tip is to make a big graph. 1 square = 1 day across and 1 square = 1 lb. down. Draw a dotted line at the rate of 4lbs per week, and you will get a good ides of what weight you will be on what date. I did this, and on weeks I didn't lose "emough" it kept me focussed on the big picture. It wasn't far off wrong in the end either - I was about 3 weeks "late"!!!!! My graph was HUGE. loads of pieces of graph paper sellotaped together on the spare bedroom wall.
Ann x

Hiya .. thanks Kaz, Ann thanks all of you ....

Am feeling very positive and looking forward to weighing in tonight at the CDC house.

Wish me luck! :eek:)