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Cadbury Highlights

so what is the dark chocolate? i have bought one but too scared 2 try it yet lol xoxo
thanku very much :)
im having a craving choclate time at the moment;) lol so gona have a hot chocolate with a few mini marshmallows and some light whipped cream!:p
Of course, to be honest I have had a real craving for sugar this week. Anything sweet I could shove in my mouth I was going for, within syns of course.:eek::eek:
lol yeah me too, its that time where chocolate is very important :( i wonder if men get that? :confused:
i find havin some sugar free jelly is really good to stop u wantin sweets an things, if u buy the sugar free hartelys jelly, one sachet is like 1 an a 1/2 syns, which makes a massive bowl:eek: and i eat it all :D
Yes I know the ones you mean, but I thought each sachet was 1.5 syns. Still good though, not worth worrying about. I actually made up some jelly last night and tucked in (cream on top would be nice but you cant have everything) !
yeah i think it is 1.5 for the sugar free jelly:D
if i make it up as instructed do think the whole bowl is 1.5? makes sense but i dont wana be wrong:eek:
i eat way 2 much of it lol
Yes its got to be, but if you make it up with 1/4 pint of water instead, when it is starting to almost set whisk it into a tub of fromage frais, it makes a lovely fruity mouse oops sorry mousse!!! And its still free if you use the low fat or fat free fromage frais! Even more and still free. Oink oink
haha that actually made me lol :8855:
i dont want to be eating a mouse :eek:
thanks 4 the idea with the fromage frais, i tried makin the fromage frais with muller ice cream before, but it tasted a bit rank, but i think with jelly it will be much tastier :)
oh and if u want cream on top try the extra light squirty cream, i was told its 1 syn for 4 tablespoons :eek:
:DOh thanks which make of cream is that then. Really fancy that. By the way, the fromage frais loses its sourness when the jelly is added which I like. Dont like the other puds where you add sweetener to the from frais as the sourness seems to still be there. Happy days with our puds
im not sure which make it is hun but im sure theyre all pretty much the same, u better check tho b4 hand, i dont wanna mess up ur syns if i hav the wrong info!:eek:

ahh i c, yeah i dont much like adding sweetener to ff fromage frais either, it still leaves the aftertaste lol ill tell u whats really yummy tho, i made some lemon meruinge(spelt wrong?) pie things the other day and they were completely free, an didnt need fromage frais to make them either! :pmmmm
Oh lemon mirangue (still spelt wrong) ha ha. Well come on then we are drooling here, can we have the recipe then please????? And yes the jelly is hartleys sugar free isnt it. Makes up a pint and if you want a quick sweet hit, its ideal, you just have to wait a while for it to set!!

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