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Calling all festival goers!


The Diet Guy
Jo and I are off to a music festival in a tent!! (not for a while but I like to plan!)

Anyway have got a decent tent, a two person sleeping bag, a led lantern and a little gas cooker and kettle.

Do I need anything else?? Am I going to get there and find everyone else has something I need and think oh bugger!

If you have been to a music festival and done the tent thing then any advice appreciated.

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Gold Member
Never been to a festival, but used to go "tenting" quite often when night fishing for carp with a previous boyfriend.

Found the sleeping bag was OK, but we really were a bit uncomfortable on the ground, so we invested in a double airbed! It was lush, very comfortable and not so cold as we were off the ground. Hope this helps.

Also hope you are mending now and not in so much pain hun xxx

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Agree with the airbed - invest in a battery powered pump (not car one as you will have to carry it a long way)

Don't forget toilet roll - vitally important!

Matches, used to nab the single serving milk cartons from places so you don't have a carton going off in the sun, take your alcohol & put it in a cool box filled with water to keep cool.

Make sure you camp in an OK place, nowhere near the toilets or bins & not on a through route to toilets! Look at who you will be next to if you want to get any kip! Make sure your tent is not opening on the uphill bit, may protect you a bit if it rains.

We used (pre kids) to go to Brands to watch the bikes, 1st year we were in an overflow field with 3 toilets for about 600 people - not nice!

Oh yeah - wet wipes - sometimes safer than trying to have a wash!!!! & don't forget your toothbrush!!!



The Diet Guy
Never thought of toilet roll!! Good one....

And the other advice is perfect, thanks nick

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Just thought of another thing - make sure your wallet is tucked under your pillow (if you take one) or at the bottom of your sleeping bag - little bu**ers will possibly come into your tent & nick it whilst you are asleep! A mate of ours had this happen & we had to sub him for the rest of the weekend!!!



Water bottles.....(as if you'd be without!!!;))

Sun cream, deoderant (you will smell.........baaaaaaaaad),

radio for morning choooooons with there are no bands on.

Something to make your tent easy to find that you can stick on it......like a flag or similar.

Lots of people take chairs....errrrrrr......will keep thinking!
Babywipes and deodorant, bottle of vodka, loo roll, eyemask and earplugs, clean underwear, air mattress, sleeping bag, sense of humour, cash. You won't need anything else!

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