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Calling all guests....

Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

I am starting this thread in the hope that it will convince some of the many guests we have visiting the forum each day to join the site and get involved.

It's a great place for support and encouragement. It also gives you the opportunity to use your knowledge and experience to help others.

It takes just 50 posts for you to gain access to galleries of success stories, including some of the most inspirational transformations you will ever see.

You don't have to give away any person details on the forum and you don't have to post your own photos on the site either. So what do you have to lose?

Please don't hide in the shadows. Join up and say hello. You are here anyway, so why not become a part of this amazing forum? :D
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Well said FBS, i was a lurker for a long time but now i find that this forum keeps me out of trouble :p

I find evenings the hardest especially ones like tonight when my DH is away but being on Mini's is keeping me on the straight and narrow :D
FBS, I am a member and still find myself lurking,oops. True very tue I am lurker who has come into the light....lol... Thank you for the nudge.
Great thread... I'm a bit of a lurker too... I just find when I post no one replies..LOL.. I'm so interesting obviously :p

Great idea.. all lurkers come out! :wave_cry:
Great thread... I'm a bit of a lurker too... I just find when I post no one replies..LOL.. I'm so interesting obviously :p

Great idea.. all lurkers come out! :wave_cry:
I think it's just because it's a bit quiet during the summer holidays. The idea behind the thread is that the more people who are members and posting, the more help and support we can offer each other. It's nice that you have joined in. :D


skinny jeans-im on my way
thanks for all the kind comments,ive kinda hit rock bottom,feeling like such a heffer,and disgusted with myself for getting to this state,hey ho ,onwards and downwards!the scales i mean.
:flowers:Hi All, I am a lurker, sorry, was a lurker. I started CD 12 months ago and got to a weight I was happy with, then came off CD and have managed to maintain, with the odd blip. At the moment am feeling very bloated as had a big weekend with plenty of booze, so started CD again today and hope to say goodbye to 1 more stone once and for all. Here is to the future with a slim JB not too far away, I hope lol.

Thanks for your post as it has encouraged me to join in.
Hiya, first joined this site 3 years ago, it was a great help when I first did CD. Am now doing CD yet again! Starting 2st heavier then 3 years ago! Am so determined this time, I cannot live like this anymore it affects my whole life & makes me feel so miserable being this big & I know I will continue to get even bigger, so CD again! Will now post regularly as want to read all the success stories.

Ali xxx
Hi Alison, thanks for posting.

You have taken the biggest step by getting back on to Cambridge. Extra weight can be a big burden and it does affect many things in our lives. Hopfully you can now begin to let go of your misery and continue towards a happier healthier life.

I'm glad you decided to start posting. The more of us taking part, the better help and support we can offer each other.

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